Green Bay Photographers

About Kasey and Ben

We are coffee drinkers, journalers, and wanderlusty travelers. On days off you can find us spending time outdoors, working on our craftsman home, or celebrating every little milestone with our family. We have a two year old tot named Juniper, and a seven year old rescue pup named Pieper. They are both wild and unpredictable and help make every day an adventure!

We have opposite personalities (Kasey’s an introvert, and Ben’s an extrovert) but similar ideals and goals which keep us balanced. For us, inspiration is found in how the camera calls us to notice little moments around us, whether we are waiting for them or creating them.

We started Kasey and Ben Photography shortly after Kasey graduated with her bachelors degree in photography, and grew it from there. Kasey came from a fine art background with an interest color relationships and a love of film. Ben came from the tech side with an excitement for how an image can be manipulated with adjustments made in camera. We worked together to blend our perspectives into our signature style — warm light, vibrant color, subtle posing, and true to life exposure.

Our Philosophy

Photographs outlast everything else. Day-to-day we are often too busy to pause and see the magic in our daily lives. When the day is over, the kids are grown, the milestone has passed, photographs can hold the magic and remind us how blessed we are. We’ve seen how important this is for us and our family, and we feel honored to get to make these images for others.

Keeping things personal is important to us. We want to get to know our clients so we can focus on your needs and create images that express who you are and what you love. Learn more about our session experiences by visiting our FAMILIES, SENIORS, or WEDDINGS pages.

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About Kasey

From Ben: Kasey is adventurous, creative, and keeps me on my toes. She is an idea person, constantly searching for new things to learn and discover. When she doesn’t have a camera in her hands, I can usually find her working on a new painting or making plans for our next trip. It’s her excitement for the small things that make me appreciate her more each day.

Kasey Loves:

  • Being Outside
  • Traveling
  • My Blue Bicycle
  • Podcasts!
  • Popcorn
  • Making Lists on Graph Paper
  • Seeing Juniper Experience Something New

About Ben

From Kasey: Ben is the outgoing one. He is the guy you feel like you have known your entire life only moments after meeting him. The thing that drew me to Ben was his belief that anything is possible if you try hard enough. He never gives up, and is always ready to try something new. His contagious sense of humor and undying faith are just a few of the best things about him.

Ben Loves:

  • Learning New Skills
  • Long Drives Up North
  • Good Pizza
  • Coffee!
  • Play Fighting with Juniper
  • Sailing
  • Nerdy Board Games


About Juniper

Juniper is our two year old daughter. She is fast, loud, and hardly has any hair on her head. This girl has the vocabulary of a full-grown adult, so when you mistake her jacket for a sweater, prepare to be corrected. She is a perfect mix of stubborn and sweet, knowing exactly
which buttons to push, and how to melt our hearts five seconds later.

Juniper Loves:

  • Baby Shark
  • Twirling Dresses
  • Muffins

About Pieper

Pieper is our rat terrier/hound mix rescue dog. She doesn’t get to come along to photo sessions or weddings, but she does spend a lot of time napping in the office, which makes her the official Kasey and Ben mascot. She has big ears and a bigger personality.

Pieper Loves:

  • Chasing Squirrels
  • Napping in the Sun
  • Sniff Interrogations


Photo of Pieper by Katie Leigh Creative