Katie’s Senior Photoshoot

Two weeks ago we got to finish up the last of Katie’s Senior Portraits. It was a warm breezy day and the waves were crashing up against the rocks at Cave Point creating beautiful sprays of water in the edges of our shots. Katie, her mom, and her boyfriend Drew braved the winding trails and sharp rocks to make sure her photos were perfect. We were lucky to have the beautiful bright green of the woods still alive with summer and soft gray stones contrasting one another. The perfect amount of cloud cover showed off the subtle tones and details.

Peyton Turns ONE YEAR!

Baby Petyon has been with us since before he arrived in this world. We did his mother, Paula’s, maternity pictures and have seen him every three months since then. Two weeks ago we celebrated his one year birthday in style. With balloons, cake, and a “number one” it was a second little birthday party. Sharing this moment with he and his family was very special to us since we have gotten to know them so well over the last year. It is one of the most wonderful things to see a little newborn baby grow up, learn to roll over, sit on his own, and now venturing out on his first steps. Peyton has developed his own personality, always quick to laugh and smile, showing off those long curly eyelashes. For his one year photos he shared some of the spotlight with his sister, Addison, and was a good sport about letting us get him good and messy.

Josh’s Senior Photoshoot

In one of the last really beautiful weeks of summer, we headed up to Luxemburg for Josh’s senior photos. Captain and center midfielder for the LC Spartans soccer team, and heir to the Vandenhouten soccer throne, we wanted to give Josh sports photos that made him feel like a star. We had a great time trying out different shots, and having Josh demo his many skills for us on the field. Later we took some more relaxed photos in downtown Algoma and at the beach. Josh is laid-back, easy to be around, and knows how to enjoy life. He is looking forward to his last year of high school and all the freedom and excitement that comes with it.

Rachel + Michael = MARRIED!

August 12, 2011 began with a drizzly morning and gray clouds, but after a beautiful ceremony at St. Phillips where Rachel and Michael joined their lives together in front of God and their families, the clouds gave way and allowed the sun some room to shine.
Rachel got ready in the school area at the back of the church where her seven bridesmaids spent their time alternately helping her accessorize and peeking out the blinds to keep tabs on the groom. Rachel, ready far before the ceremony began, spent her time writing love notes back in forth with her husband-to-be. The little flower girl, Emaily, felt very important as the messenger of these tokens. Michael and Rachel’s ceremony was particularity special because the couple chose the same date and church Michael’s parents were married in years before. In a way, one love story was to give life to another.
The couple, shy and giddy at the ceremony, let loose at the reception, throwing the best celebration we have seen in quite a long time. The guests were there to share in Rachel and Michael’s joy, and the Bride and Groom were always the first to lead them to the dance floor.

Fun at the Fair with Katie

Katie is a fashionista at heart and a model on the rise, so when we started brainstorming for her senior pictures, we knew there had to be something spectacular about them! Because of this, we chose to shoot some of them at the fairgrounds. The lights and colors gave us so much to work with, and Katie got posing practice that tested her resolve in public. Katie is fun-loving and creative so this photoshoot was just right for her. Never one to blend in with the crowd, always the one setting trends, we wanted to give her unique and creative images that showed off her personality and our versatility. We couldn’t be more proud.

Holly’s Senior Photoshoot

The day we did Holly’s senior portraits was particularly fun for us. She is our first who plays guitar and wanted pictures with it. She played us a few bars here and there as we got our camera and light adjusted. The session was more like a relaxed walk in the woods and nearby fields of Carlsville than a senior portrait shoot. As we hiked and photographed, Holly told us of her love of music and acting. She explained her future goals and the many aspects of what make her who she is. Holly is sweet, appreciative, and genuinely values others, a characteristic all too often found lacking. Her personality and her gentleness come through in these images and that’s what makes them so beautiful.

Axle Turns 8 Months

Mr. Axle has to be one of the most relaxed and easygoing babies we have the pleasure of photographing. He doesn’t mind being passed from person to person and thought of our outdoor photoshoot as an adventure of sorts, with many things to be felt, tasted and discovered. Axle has the bluest eyes of any baby, and has had them since birth just like mommy. We had a fun time with he and his mom, Emily, in Green Bay – climbing bridges, playing in fields and exploring everything! Growing like a weed, Axle has already caught up to the clothing size of his 18 month old twin cousins, and we’re sure he will pass them up soon! It is always a pleasure to see this little man and to spend the day photographing him.

Brianna’s Night Shots

After a steamy day at the beach and a long break, we met Brianna downtown for some fun night shots. The evening was a scavenger hunt for interesting lighting and textures. It was quite an adventure and particularly fun for us, because it really kept us on our toes and thinking creatively. Brianna is sweet and beautiful but she has an adventurous side too, and her yearning for unique senior portraits made for us a very fun evening!

A Day at the Beach with Brianna

On a hot July day we met senior-to-be Brianna and her mom, Jodi for a day at the beach. Brianna caught the attention of all the beach-goers in her hot pink prom dress reminiscent of Princess Belle. Despite her Hollywood glamour, Brianna took the dress for a day of tree-climbing and walking in the sand, topped off with a quick swim! The day was scorching, and we had a hard time not following her in. Drenched and wearing what had quickly become a very heavy dress, Brianna changed into everyday clothes for a few fun beach shots in the sand.
Look for Brianna’s night shots, coming up soon!

Michael’s Senior Photoshoot

Last week we enjoyed getting to meet Michael for his senior portraits. We started in the studio, showing off his many achievements and interests, including helping bring West De Pere High School to a State Championship. The shoot continued downtown as we weaved our way through the packed farm market to various urban locations. Michael is fun and upbeat and chose the perfect casual outfit to show that off. He was relaxed in front of the camera and up for the many things we wanted to try, so we can’t help but be thrilled with the results! Michael is excited for his upcoming senior year, and another year of football with the Phantoms. He’s got plenty to keep him busy and we’re certain he will enjoy every minute of it!

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