Hudson Turns 9 Months!

It is always our pleasure to see baby Hudson.  In the short three months since we last saw him, he has grown taller, learned to pull himself up, and developed so much more of his personality.  Hudson is full of expressions, more than any other baby we’ve met.  He will smile brightly with his whole body as we giggle and tease, but he also has these sweet, natural expressions all his own that we get the opportunity to capture. What a charmer. 🙂  We had a fun afternoon exploring the park, and seeing Hudson’s response to all his surroundings. We can’t wait to have him back.

Carter Turns One Year!

A warm, cloudy spring day at the park – could a photographer hope for more?!  It was our first time getting to meet little Carter who is just days away from celebrating his first Birthday.  We enjoyed our day meandering throughout the park with bright, colorful balloons, and documenting this very big milestone Carter is about to reach.  Carter is playful and relaxed, with two encouraging parents.  Throughout the photoshoot mom, dad, Ben and I were singing, clapping, jumping, tickling and laughing spontaneously like insane people, while Carter gave us this curious look as if to say, “You guys are really strange, but if you try just a little harder, I’ll give you what you are looking for.”  And, true enough, he did.  By the end of the shoot he was giggling away and showing off his toothy, little smile that I’m sure makes every friend and relative (and hey, I’ll admit it, myself) melt just a little bit.  It was wonderful getting to meet Carter and his family, and being a part of this big moment in his life.

{Senior Sale} 2012!!!

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Welcome New Baby Isaac + Ethan Turns Six!

Getting to be a part of a newborn baby’s life from day one is one of the best parts of our job.  We see them when they are still small and fragile – adjusting to this big new world they have now become a part of.  Many times this new baby is the first and turns a husband and wife into more than just a couple, he makes them a family.  Such is the case for Jacob and Trish who have welcomed new baby Isaac into their lives with open arms.  Never have I seen a father so excited about his new role in life, and never have a seen a mother take to it so naturally.  It was truly meant to be.

Not only does this baby have two loving parents, but Isaac also has a whole group of family and friends who have been waiting patiently for his arrival and who can’t get enough of him.  One of these is his cousin Ethan who, if it were up to him, would spend his whole day talking to Isaac, waiting for him to get big enough to be a playmate.  Ethan is full of life and energy, and is sure to be the cousin with all the great ideas who will take Isaac on so many adventures as he grows up.  Congratulations to the Depas family on their new arrival, and happy pre-Birthday to Ethan who will be six come the end of May!

{Tea Time} with Nikki and Evelyn!

Last week Nikki and Evelyn let us borrow them for some mommy and me photos to give everyone a preview of the props and setting for our {Tea Time} event coming up May 12th and 13th.  We had beautiful weather, and enjoyed a fun afternoon of “tea” and cookies.  The best part of our shoot was when Nikki poured Evy a cup of imaginary tea, and Evy dipped her real cookie into it.  This cracked everyone up!  We had such a good time together, enjoying the birth of spring and the precious love between a mother and a daughter!
{Tea Time} sessions are still available, with packages starting at only $50 including use of our props.  Book a session for your little lady or gent, a group, or you and your little one.  Don’t forget, Sunday is Mother’s Day, and you deserve it! 

{Tea Time} Vintage Photography Event

Pull out those vintage dresses and dolls! You are cordially invited to {TEA TIME} with PMPS Photography!

On May 12th and 13th we will be hosting an outdoor tea party including bonnets, hats, gloves and pearls for the girls, newsboy hats and bow ties for the boys, and of course a tea table, tea set, and old fashioned baby carriage!

We have sessions available for infants/children alone, with friends and relatives, and of course mommy! Session reservations are required, and packages start at only $50!

New Baby Olivia!

Baby Gabe became a big brother this March when baby Olivia arrived. It was our pleasure to see Gabe all grown up, giggling and flirting throughout Olivia’s photoshoot, and to see this precious new baby girl that the Balthazor family has welcomed into the world. At two weeks Olivia was already showing us her strength and curiosity (two things she will need to take on her big brother in a few months). She lifted her head as we adjusted her, and opened her eyes many times to see what we were up to. Olivia is sweet and calm, wanting only to be held in her mother’s arms and rocked to sleep. The Balthazor family is dually blessed with their bold little boy, and adorable new arrival.

New Baby Jonathan!

On February 27th Steph and Ryan welcomed new baby Jonathan into the world, and on March 13th we welcomed him into our studio for his first pictures. Jonathan is the kind of baby mothers dream about having – only fussing when he needed something something: food, burping, or a diaper change. Other than that, he spent the shoot snoozing lazily, stretching out as much as he could, and dreaming whatever it is that sweet little babies dream about. We got the opportunity to use a very special blanket made by Steph’s godmother as one of our backdrops. The blanket was with Stephanie all throughout labor and was there waiting to wrap Jonathan up the moment he arrived, a soft reminder of the loving family anticipating his homecoming.

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