Hudson Turns 6 Months

One of the most exciting things for us is to see our newborns back for their six month sessions. In that time they develop so much personality; we never know what to expect! Hudson went from being this tiny, sleeping baby to a six-month-old with wiggles and giggles to spare. He was showing us his new tricks of rolling over and playing with his toes, and was completely enthralled with our camera flash. His mom dressed him up in cute little sweaters and polos and we had an irresistible little man ready for his close-up. There are many great things about our job, but one of my favorites is the surprise how the little ones change each time we see them. We will be glad to have Hudson back anytime!

Kasey and Ben’s New Home!

Yesterday, after many changed closing dates and struggles to get everyone on the same page, Ben and I closed on our first home. Our new address will be 1207 Shawano Avenue in Green Bay, although we won’t be moving until the first of March. The house was built in 1924, and by the design plan we are nearly positive that it is a catalog home through Built Well Catalog Company that was delivered by train and assembled on site. It is American Four Square style, which is a branch of the Craftsman movement.
The house has a lot of work to be done… firstly, it is in need of a furnace. It doesn’t have a furnace in poor working condition, it is actually completely missing. Only Ben and I would be silly enough to fall in love with a furnace-less home in the dead of winter! We are hoping to get one installed by the end of the week so renovations can begin and we can turn it into a place that truly feels like home.
We can’t wait to have you there!
Thank you to Rita Hock for help with the photography!

Snowy Modeling Portraits with Ze!

On Thursday, amidst the white fluffy scatterings of the snowstorm, we met with Ze for some outdoor modeling portraits. Although we would have guessed that the snow would make the photoshoot more difficult, it actually added a completely new dimension to all the images. The light coating of snow that developed on all the urban objects – fire escapes, brick walls, etc – softened their industrial exteriors and the flakes that fell through the images added a little extra drama.
We had a great time getting to know Ze. He has been modeling since high school, doing print ads and freeze modeling, along with his favorite type, runway modeling. The dreads (that I’m sure caught your eye) have been a product in the making since 2004. Ze initially got interested in modeling because he loved fashion. He discovered modeling to be a natural ability and has been doing it ever since. At the end of the photoshoot we headed back to the studio for some indoor shots (and to give Ze’s frozen fingers a break!). It was a great day for a snowstorm.

{Jennifer + Jakob = MARRIED!}

Jennifer and Jakob joined their lives together this past June on a rainy Sunday afternoon. The wedding was post WWII themed which included some of the most beautiful handmade details we’ve seen yet – birdcage veils, purple and white callas with peacock feathers, beaded fishnet gloves, and a bridal necklace that is a real family heirloom. The theme was vintage, sweet, and a little sexy. The bridal party got ready in a beautiful suite at the Astor House Bed and Breakfast, which made for the perfect (and theme appropriate) location to take all their getting ready photographs. As the ceremony began, the rain was coming down hard, but Jakob and Jennifer’s friends and family seemed to be filled with joy as they huddled under the park’s gazebo.

Kirsten Turns One Year!

Kirsten is one of our favorite little girls, and we have had the pleasure of seeing her every three months since she was just an itty bitty sleeping infant. Kirsten has an irresistible sweetness about her that makes her lovable from the moment you meet her. She is naturally curious and completely beautiful; a blessing in every sense of the word. Last week we got to celebrate Kirsten’s first birthday, complete with cake, balloons, and of course, the cutest outfits in every shade of pink. The cake was the most fun part; never have we seen a little girl get so excited for sugar! There was nothing tentative about how Kirsten tasted her birthday treat. She started off with a few fingers, then handfuls of frosting, and by the end of it she had peeled the whole cake off the plate and was enjoying it with both hands. We ended the photoshoot with a pink and purple little girl, who, if possible, was even sweeter than when we started.

Mara Turns ONE YEAR!

We could not have asked for a visit from a sweeter little girl than Mara Rose. This was our first time getting to meet Mara, but after only a few minutes of warming up, she was adventurous and playful. Mara is easygoing and curious. She gets this look in her eyes as though she is watching your every movement and noticing things we would never notice. We had so much fun getting to know her personality, and trying out our new vintage damask backdrop with Mara’s handmade clothes. Mara’s grandmother is a seamstress, so she has every little girl’s dream (and every big girl’s dream for that matter!) of custom tailored clothes and accessories. She is so talented, that she even made Mara’s mother’s wedding dress! We loved our time with Mara and hope to see her back in the future; Happy Birthday Mara!

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