{Tricia + Dustin = ENGAGED!}

It was a chilly day for engagement pictures, but Tricia and Dustin toughed it out with smiles on their faces the entire time. Part of me thinks what got them through was imagining their hot late June wedding coming up, or maybe it was the idea of a warm, cozy room with a heated pool at Sybaris, where they are staying for their honeymoon. Whatever it was, their perseverance paid off, giving them a beautiful fall scene that still had gorgeous wintery icicles in the background! We spent the afternoon hiking around the steep edges of the waterfall and stepping on rocks to get through the water for just the right shots. Tricia was upbeat through all of it, smiling and telling us stories from their past. On June 30th, they will be joining not two hearts, but four, including their daughter Hailey and Dustin’s son Danny. We are pleased to be a part of their journey!

Davister Family Photos + Axle Turns One Year!

It’s hard to think of Axle as being a year old, not because we’ve been with him since he was brand new (which we have), but because he has looked like a one year old for about four months now! Axle is a little man, wearing his cute little outfits (sometimes even daddy’s ties), singing along with mommy, and giving his 20 month old cousins a run for their money! What makes Axle so fun is that he enjoys being the center of attention, so when we try the slightest thing to make him smile, he is a little explosion of joy, with full teeth-bearing grins and endless laughter. We can’t help but smile back.

This Season’s Christmas Collections!

It’s that time of year again! All of our holiday specials are good for the months of November and December. Not interested in cards? No problem, trade the cards for a print credit!

Maggie and Samantha’s Christmas Photoshoot

It was my pleasure to be welcomed into the beautiful home of Maggie’s family for a sweet old fashioned Christmas with her and her American Girl Doll, Samantha. The charm of the snowy yard through the window, old fashioned ornaments, and glowing fireplace were a joy for the eyes. We had a fun time posing Samantha and Maggie in their matching velvet christmas dresses, muffs and fur capes, taking a trip back to the days of victorian Christmases, and the simple joys of good books and a warm cup of cocoa.
Christmas is right around the corner! Contact us for our special Christmas Collections and more information about in home Christmas photoshoots!

A Day at the Farm with Kellen

Last week we headed up to Southern Door County for Kellen’s senior photos. The rainy afternoon faded away as we reached the farm where he spends his weekends and afternoons working. It was the perfect location for a relaxed, country portrait session: old cars and tractors, a barn, a cabin, and a windmill surrounded by wood fence… just about all we could ask for! We got to know Kellen’s beautiful and upbeat black lab, Chev, and had to keep shooing a particular farm cat out of our shots (she really loved the limelight). Kellen is fun, easygoing and hardworking. We hope he enjoys the rest of his senior year!

{Kasey + Ben = MARRIED!}

Hello everyone! Since we have had the pleasure of sharing in all of your intimate moments and big celebrations, I feel it is only right that we share ours with you. Our wedding photographers are Alacrity, and while we wait for their images from the big day, I figured I would share a few of my own detail shots from our post-wedding week off. (Of course, I couldn’t help myself! 🙂 )

{Katrina + Dennis = MARRIED!}

Katrina and Dennis were married on a beautiful September day. The morning began as cloudy and chilly, but quickly turned into a summery afternoon with sunny skies. The ceremony was held at Larkwood Chapel – a beautiful wedding chapel only a few miles outside Green Bay. The architecture was marvelous and flowing, offering Katrina the most beautiful rooms to prepare for the big moment, along with offering us as photographers many unique shooting locations and props. The ceremony was so intimate and personal – giving all their guests an opportunity to truly partake in the love Katrina and Dennis have for one another by experiencing it along with them.
The wedding was a double celebration because it was not only the joining of two people in wedded bliss, but also the joining of a family. Dennis brings to the marriage his two children, Heather and Austin, who now have another person in their lives to care for them and love them unconditionally. They could not have chosen someone better for the task.

Kendall Turns 6 Months

Two weeks ago we had our first session with baby Kendall and she came in looking to make a great first impression. All smiles, giggles and curiosity, she most certainly met her goal! Kendall is long and lean like daddy but has her mother’s bright smile and sense of joy. At six months she is already standing up with help and making her way from one end of the room to the other. Kendall’s excitement for the notice of others make her such a fun little subject to photograph. Every time we tried to get her attention, we were rewarded with grins and fits of giggles. She was eating up every bit of it, and so were we.

Kirsten Turns 9 Months

Baby Kirsten is, in one word, precious. We wanted an opportunity to really show off this beautiful innocence and that led us to doing an outdoor photoshoot. The wildflowers and lush long grasses framed her little body and lend to us ideas about our own childhoods – the excitement of exploration and discovery. Kirsten was very natural outdoors, playing with anything she could find and getting distracted and excited by everything new that appeared. We were so happy to truly be able to show what a beautiful baby girl Kirsten is with her bright blue eyes, perfect white skin, and little pink lips. It made for a very relaxing and enjoyable afternoon.

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