Axle Turns 8 Months

Mr. Axle has to be one of the most relaxed and easygoing babies we have the pleasure of photographing. He doesn’t mind being passed from person to person and thought of our outdoor photoshoot as an adventure of sorts, with many things to be felt, tasted and discovered. Axle has the bluest eyes of any baby, and has had them since birth just like mommy. We had a fun time with he and his mom, Emily, in Green Bay – climbing bridges, playing in fields and exploring everything! Growing like a weed, Axle has already caught up to the clothing size of his 18 month old twin cousins, and we’re sure he will pass them up soon! It is always a pleasure to see this little man and to spend the day photographing him.

Brianna’s Night Shots

After a steamy day at the beach and a long break, we met Brianna downtown for some fun night shots. The evening was a scavenger hunt for interesting lighting and textures. It was quite an adventure and particularly fun for us, because it really kept us on our toes and thinking creatively. Brianna is sweet and beautiful but she has an adventurous side too, and her yearning for unique senior portraits made for us a very fun evening!

A Day at the Beach with Brianna

On a hot July day we met senior-to-be Brianna and her mom, Jodi for a day at the beach. Brianna caught the attention of all the beach-goers in her hot pink prom dress reminiscent of Princess Belle. Despite her Hollywood glamour, Brianna took the dress for a day of tree-climbing and walking in the sand, topped off with a quick swim! The day was scorching, and we had a hard time not following her in. Drenched and wearing what had quickly become a very heavy dress, Brianna changed into everyday clothes for a few fun beach shots in the sand.
Look for Brianna’s night shots, coming up soon!

Michael’s Senior Photoshoot

Last week we enjoyed getting to meet Michael for his senior portraits. We started in the studio, showing off his many achievements and interests, including helping bring West De Pere High School to a State Championship. The shoot continued downtown as we weaved our way through the packed farm market to various urban locations. Michael is fun and upbeat and chose the perfect casual outfit to show that off. He was relaxed in front of the camera and up for the many things we wanted to try, so we can’t help but be thrilled with the results! Michael is excited for his upcoming senior year, and another year of football with the Phantoms. He’s got plenty to keep him busy and we’re certain he will enjoy every minute of it!

Aiden Turns 9 Months

Two weeks ago we had the great pleasure of getting a visit from Baby Aiden. We hadn’t seen him since three months, and he has grown so much! Still the relaxed and playful baby from six months ago, his little tongue darts in and out of his mouth as we make him smile. He is such a curious child – wanting to know who everybody is and what everyone is up to. We were lucky enough to capture some of these curious expressions, which are my very favorite! Dawn says Aiden has been working on crawling lately, but for now he can scoot his way to trouble. She told us that she left the room for a minute the other day and when she came back he had scooted his way to the tv and was whipping the cord across the screen. I can just imagine the sassy little smile he gave her when he was caught. Aiden did so well for our photoshoot, putting up with all our poses and never loosing his candid expressions; we’ll be happy to have him back anytime!

Nathan’s Senior Photoshoot

We couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather for Nathan’s Senior Photos in late June. It was warm with a light breeze and the perfect amount of clouds that every photographer dreams of for portraits. Nathan is the brother of Jenessa (one of our very favorite seniors from last year). She came along to keep him smiling naturally, gently teasing him the way older sisters are required to. Nathan is easygoing, quick to laugh, and like Jenessa, cannot even force a picture without a smile. He’s enjoying his summer, working a lot like every student saving up for college, and looking to the future with excitement. Right now he’s deciding between a major in nuclear medicine or pharmaceuticals. Either way, his ambition will keep him going, and his good attitude will make it fun.

New Online Photo Ordering System

We are very pleased to announce that we are pairing with SmugMug to offer the convenience of online ordering to our clients. Once clients have had the chance to view their photos initially with us or receive their image disc, all photos will be posted to our new ordering website at:
Here the photos will be available for purchase as Prints and Gallery Wraps with the option of have them shipped to your home for an additional fee. All Gallery Block and Book/Album orders will still have to be placed through us over the phone or through email. We will also be happy to place Print orders for you in this manner as well, in which case the Prints will be shipped to us, and additional fees will be waved.
This should be particularly helpful for our wedding couples, who can become overwhelmed with the immediate request for photographs from their many guests.
We are very excited about this new step for us and hope that it will offer convenience to our clients and their families. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback. We want to remain in close contact with all of our clients and friends and provide you with the best service possible!
Thank you,
Kasey and Ben

Kirsten Turns 6 Months

Two weeks ago it was time again for Baby Kirsten’s photoshoot. She is now six months and sitting up all on her own. Kirsten is shy and sweet, needing a quick snuggle from mom here and there between shots. Nicole always brings us the most beautiful outfits and accessories. We can count on her to scope around etsy and local stores for some good finds, and she most certainly hit the jackpot with the damask tutu onesie and ivory rose headband combination. We were lucky enough that Kirsten’s godmother, Kaylyn, could join in for a few shots as well. Kirsten snuggled right up to her, fascinated by her shiny necklace. We, as always, were held captive by those baby blues.

The Bousley’s Camp Six

In mid-June we traveled the long and beautiful journey up to Armstrong Creek where the Bousley family has their Camp Six. Steve Bousley had the privilege of getting to spend time there growing up and now the family can call it their own. They are putting the finishing touches on the cabin they built – adorned with wood floors, decorative glass light shades, and the perfect summer screen porch – so they can spend their summers in solitude. All this work can be attributed to Missy and Steve as well as Steve’s stepfather and countless other talented people who share their lives. Luke and Emma are grateful for it as well. Never have two children gotten to explore so much. As we arrive they are playing “light sabers” with two long sticks, and as the afternoon continues we are shown the canoe floating gently on the lake, fishing demonstrations, and of course sticky s’mores faces around a cozy campfire. The finishing touch was the eagle that took flight above the lake as if on cue. This family is truly blessed to have one another, and of course, their stunning Camp Six.

Annika Turns 6 Months

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing baby Annika for the first time since she was smaller than six pounds. It’s hard to picture this sweet blue-eyed baby that small anymore; she’s now sitting up, rolling over, and of course smiling for the camera. Baby Annika is modeling clothes from Sweetpeas Children’s Clothier in downtown De Pere. Chelsea (Annika’s mother) is a bit of a fashionista herself and Annika is bound to follow in her mother’s footsteps, always dressed to the nine’s with perfectly matching accessories and new patterns and clothing that I’ve never seen before. That is what made this shoot particularly fun for us. We get excited when you get excited!

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