The Bousley’s Camp Six

In mid-June we traveled the long and beautiful journey up to Armstrong Creek where the Bousley family has their Camp Six. Steve Bousley had the privilege of getting to spend time there growing up and now the family can call it their own. They are putting the finishing touches on the cabin they built – adorned with wood floors, decorative glass light shades, and the perfect summer screen porch – so they can spend their summers in solitude. All this work can be attributed to Missy and Steve as well as Steve’s stepfather and countless other talented people who share their lives. Luke and Emma are grateful for it as well. Never have two children gotten to explore so much. As we arrive they are playing “light sabers” with two long sticks, and as the afternoon continues we are shown the canoe floating gently on the lake, fishing demonstrations, and of course sticky s’mores faces around a cozy campfire. The finishing touch was the eagle that took flight above the lake as if on cue. This family is truly blessed to have one another, and of course, their stunning Camp Six.

Annika Turns 6 Months

Last week I had the pleasure of seeing baby Annika for the first time since she was smaller than six pounds. It’s hard to picture this sweet blue-eyed baby that small anymore; she’s now sitting up, rolling over, and of course smiling for the camera. Baby Annika is modeling clothes from Sweetpeas Children’s Clothier in downtown De Pere. Chelsea (Annika’s mother) is a bit of a fashionista herself and Annika is bound to follow in her mother’s footsteps, always dressed to the nine’s with perfectly matching accessories and new patterns and clothing that I’ve never seen before. That is what made this shoot particularly fun for us. We get excited when you get excited!

Shannon + Chad = MARRIED!

June 4th was a sizzling day at Heritage Hill Chapel as Shannon and Chad said their I dos before family and friends. The bride wore a beautiful ivory dress with her hair tied to one size and a feather fascinator pinned to compliment it. They could not have had a more exuberant wedding party. The groomsmen laughed and joked before the beginning of the ceremony while the bridesmaids fussed over Shannon, each one offering up her own bottle of water to the bride. Shannon and Chad are a relaxed and fun-loving couple; their enthusiasm rubs off on the people around them. On their special day, people came from all over to celebrate with them, even including the maid of honor flying all the way from Germany. Shannon and Chad made it worth their trips!

Renee + Mike = ENGAGED!

The day we met Renee and Mike for their engagement photoshoot it was a blistering 94 degrees at the beginning of June. They toughed it out and got some great shots. We started off at Voyeger park, the place where Mike proposed to Renee after eight years together. She knew he had the ring and was waiting for the right moment; she didn’t know she would end up waiting over a year to receive it. Clearly it was worth the wait. As a couple Renee and Mike are relaxed and easygoing. They love watching movies together, enjoying their new home and spending time with their oh-so-irresistabley-cute dog Magoo (and so did we!)

New Baby Gabriel!

Last week I had the pleasure of getting to know Jennifer and Greg and their new baby Gabriel. Gabriel is their first little one, born May 22, 2011 at 8 lbs 15 oz to two very proud parents. He was a very calm little man, toughing out all the difficult poses we wanted to try and only making sounds of complaint when he needed a short break, a bit of food or a quick cuddle with mom. Jennifer says he is always this calm, only crying when he needs something. We got to do a very exciting pose in a giant ceramic leaf. These leafs are molded by Jennifer’s aunt, Kris Husby-Nelson, out of real rhubarb leaves. We had a very fun and creative afternoon together.

Erika and Mike are Having a Baby!

Two weeks ago Erika and Mike came to the studio to document this beautiful moment of waiting for their new baby girl. They had driven up from Milwaukee for the event and were both so excited to create images they could always treasure for years to come. Erika has always wanted more than anything to be a mother. Her patience and sweetness are the characteristics her friends cherish about her, and the characteristics her daughter will be sure to appreciate as well. Mike was supportive and interested throughout the photoshoot. He kept us entertained with stories of trying to prepare the baby’s room for her homecoming. When this little girl enters the world she will have a web of family to care for her with strong arms and gentle hearts.

Katrina + Dennis = ENGAGED!

A stormy Saturday in May cancelled Katrina and Dennis’s first engagement session date, but luckily for all of us, the following Sunday was summery, warm and pleasant. We met them on the St. Norbert campus for a few shots and headed to the other side of the water where he proposed. Katrina is bright and smiley, always upbeat and ready for everything we wanted to try. Dennis is mellow and creative, giving us the special treat of reading the poem he used to propose to his bride-to-be. His proposal was a scavenger hunt of sorts, each turn rewarding her with a special envelope and ending with him down on one knee. We ended our photoshoot at the Wildlife Sanctuary, the perfect stop for the couple who enjoys taking walks and riding bikes together. Katrina and Dennis are well matched; teasing and tickling one another for genuine smiles and giggling as Wildlife Sanctuary guests whistle at them while they kiss.

Peyton Turns 9 Months

Can’t believe how big this little man is getting! It seems like such a short time ago we were shooting Paula’s Maternity Pictures. We have seen him grow from just a tiny little guy laying on his blankets, to a three month old blinking in time with daddy, to a six month old rolling onto his back and grabbing his toes. He’s growing up fast.
Peyton is the sweetest boy – quick to smile and always ready to play. He enjoyed having a “day on the beach” with us last week, with plenty to play with and an opportunity to show off those little belly rolls (don’t you just want to squeeze him?!).

New Photo Blog

Welcome to the new Peace of Mind Piece of Soul Photography blog. Check in with us here for updates about recent photoshoots, along with tips for new brides, new mommies, and seniors-to-be. We are all about connecting with clients on a personal level, and we hope that our new blog brings us closer to you!

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