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Portraits: leo’s nine month session

Green_Bay_Photography_Child_Green_Isle_ParkLeo is the happiest baby of all time! He spent the entire length of the session giggling, smiling and flirting with the camera. And if the big, genuine smiles don’t get you, those blue eyes will win you over. The {N} family was such a treat to work with; they are relaxed, loving and joyful, and all of these traits are so clearly present in their baby boy.

The {N} Family won our session giveaway at Sweetpeas Clothier in May and traveled up from Madison for their portraits. We are very glad to have had the opportunity to get to know them and create images for their little family.  Happy first birthday, Leo!


Portraits: sweetpeas clothier summer photoshoot



Each season we do a promotional photoshoot for Sweetpeas – a children’s clothing store in De Pere.  Their selection of clothing and accessories is ever-changing, so there are always new (and oh-so-irresistable) pieces to choose from.  For each promotional shoot, we select models and choose outfits to get everyone ready for the season ahead: in this case, summer!  We did our best to feature outfits that have all-season staples in them (like bright yellow skinny jeans) that can be dressed up for family outings or dressed down for a day at the park.  I can’t help but love “mini adult” clothes too, like the striped henley Maddox is wearing.

Maddox and Sophia both did a great job and looked very cute in everything we put them in. 🙂 Bring on summer; we’re ready!

Portraits: morgan turns one


We first met the {K} family for their son, Carter’s one year photos.  Now, two years later, it is little Morgan’s turn.  With a spring Birthday here in Wisconsin, we were battling rain and wind, but a week later we got the perfect day.  Carter was glad for the change of date because it meant he got to join us and help steal giggles from his baby sister.  The thing I love most about Morgan is that she is full of so many expressions.  In the smallest moment she can go from the most serious, engaged, thoughtful face, to a big, bright smile.

It has been such a pleasure to work with the {K} family for so many wonderful sessions: milestone sessions, mini sessions, even a little modeling.  Photographing them regularly has given us a close relationship and allowed us to create photos that fit their family personally.  Happy Birthday, little Morgan!

Portraits: jonathon turns two

ChildJonathon is always on the go – no matter where he is, he has big plans for what should be done next, where to run, and what to ride.  For his two year session we had the opportunity to photograph at his grandparent’s home in the Luxemburg area.  The land is sprawling with gardens and vintage outbuildings, and we ended up with the perfect golden light coming through the tree line.  To fit Jonathon’s always-on-the-go persona, we photographed in a more lifestyle fashion to allow him to express exactly who he is at this age.  This made for a very intimate collection of photos, unique to Jonathon and his family.  Happy Birthday, Jonathon!


Families: {S} family at the wildlife sanctuary

Wildlife Sanctuary Green Bay


There are lots of things to celebrate for the {S} Family.  Like all of us, they are rejoicing the long-awaited arrival of spring, but they are also celebrating a first Birthday for their youngest, Hunter, and a fourth Birthday for their big man, Aden.  When Aden was just six months old, we did a family session with them at the Wildlife Sanctuary, and since then they have felt a special connection to the location.  As family, they keep busy with all sorts of fun activities, whether it is t-ball for Aden, visits to the Children’s Museum or New Zoo here in Green Bay, or just visiting grandma and grandpa’s farm.  Aden is always on the go – ready to explore everything around him and find out how things work.  Hunter is attentive – keeping an eye on what is going on, and who is around.  He is full of smiles, and we love his little wisps of red hair!  Happy Birthday, Aden and Hunter, and so happy to have new family portraits for the {S} Family!

Portraits: rowan turns one



We had the most beautiful day for Rowan’s one year session outdoors at Green Isle Park here in Green Bay.  It was one of the first spring days where everything was turning green and we all began to have a little hope that warm weather would finally come to Wisconsin.  Meagan and Adam were one of our very first weddings we photographed professionally, and it is so special to see all the changes in their lives since then – the most beautiful of which is this smiley, goofy, contagiously happy little boy.  Rowan thought everything we did was hilarious, and he enjoyed watching the bicyclists, runners, and puppy-dogs pass him by.  He did a great job (and mom and dad picked out the cutest outfits!)  Happy First Birthday, Rowan!

Child Session: camilla turns two

Camilla is so fun to have in the studio simply because she is the best dressed little girl we’ve seen.  She always comes in with bright, colorful new outfits and accessories carefully selected by mom.  (Check out the satin snow-white-colored dress!)

With Camilla’s Birthday so close to Christmas, we spent a little time capturing some holiday shots of the two of them together.  We were very excited to use our new linen backdrop and tiny tree garlands; Camilla was very excited about our glitter-covered tree with the shiny star topper.  She’s a girl who knows what she likes. 😉  Happy Second Birthday, Camilla!

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