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Engagement: taylor & joey, romantic country session

Suamico-Engagement-Wedding-Photography-Black-Creek-Green-Bay-Country-Bogo-Dog-Romantic-PhotographerThere are only and handful of really amazing days in Wisconsin when it comes to weather, and because of that, we know to appreciate them. Taylor and Joey’s engagement session was on one of these days – warm, bright, with a dramatic sunset to top off the evening. Joey and Taylor met in high school, chatting over instant messenger as they first connected. Only a few months in, they adopted their fur-baby Lady together. People thought they were crazy (and they now admit they would have felt the same way), but seven years later, here they are planning their wedding.

Taylor and Joey’s wedding will be New Year’s Eve 2016 with a winter wonderland theme (imagine white with blues and silvers). We can’t wait to see everything they come up with! Cheers to Taylor and Joey (and a little love to Lady as well)!

Portraits: rustic country couples session at fonferek glen

Green_Bay_Fonferek_Glen_Country_Couples_Engagement_Farm_Barn_Photography_LedgeviewSpring in Wisconsin is gorgeous.  We suffer through the cold with tolerant shivers and puffy layers of because this is what we are rewarded with. And when the midwest gets it right, it gets it so right.  We postponed Lucas and Dana’s session from earlier in the week due to snowy conditions and high winds (anyone remember the sunny day with the snow? that day) and we are very glad we waited.  Sunday gave us warm afternoon light, creamy sun-filled fields, and the perfect spring breeze.

Dana and Lucas won our Facebook contest for a free session in December.  They are a relaxed, down-to-earth couple, and when we started discussing ideas for their session, they said rustic, country vibes were what they were looking for.  We settled on the perfect location – one that warranted the use of my Hunter galoshes (my go-to spring footwear).  The afternoon was perfect: we chatted about their new home and upcoming trips, and photographed their sweet snuggles (Dana even taught Lucas what an “Eskimo Kiss” was).  Cheers, Dana and Lucas!

Engagements: katie loves tony, downtown green bay

Downtown_Green_Bay_Titletown_Brewery_Engagement_SessionAnyone who knows Ben and I knows we are not big fans of manicured parks, precise gardens, and planned landscapes.  We much prefer shooting in creative, wild spaces like nature preserves, family farms, and of course, anywhere urban.  We were very excited when Katie and Tony decided to have their engagement session in downtown Green Bay and at Titletown Brewery.  In the peak of fall, we had been in search of orange trees and fallen leaves for the previous few weeks, and going for a casual stroll in the city was the perfect recharge to get our creative juices flowing.

Katie and Tony are a relaxed and fun-loving couple. Katie is a designer (which is a good explanation for their perfectly coordinated outfits!) and they enjoy going out for drinks, dinner and of course cheering on the home team.  Because of this we wanted their session to feel casual and modern.  Everyone at Titletown was so wonderful to work with, and we had the added bonus of a train passing through as we were shooting nearby – couldn’t have planned it more perfectly. 🙂  Congratulations to Katie and Tony; we are looking forward to your big day (and all the cobalt details!)

Engagements: leah loves cody, symco, unionville wisconsin



When Leah suggested an engagement session at the Symco Shakedown event grounds, I was clueless as to what this meant, and after a little research, I couldn’t believe I had never heard of it!  For Ben and I, collectors of everything vintage, owners of seven vehicles that ride on two wheels, it was totally absurd that we had never heard of Symco Shakedown.


Unionville, where the session took place, is like a mini vintage town, complete with a barber, blacksmith and general store.  This location was perfect for Leah and Cody who love the classic allure of everything retro and are planning their 1950s-themed wedding (complete with records and red shoes!) for this October.  We had such a blast with their styled engagement session and even got to involve my bright teal bicycle in a few shots.  We love it when couples get creative and show their personalities! Congratulations, Leah and Cody!

Engagements: emily loves lydell

DePere_Fishing_Engagement_Photos_Green_BayLiving in Green Bay, it’s easy to take our waterfront lifestyles for granted.  We don’t give a second thought to the weekends spent fishing, swimming, boating, or just taking in the view. Emily and Lydell’s engagement session was a nod to how incredible it is to live along a river – the beauty of the silver water glinting in the sun, the sound of waves lapping on the shore, and the feeling of dipping your toes in on a warm day. I wanted their images to feel the way these days feel.

Emily and Lydell have the kind of love story that hooks you in. It is filled with obstacles, opposition, and challenges, and it is bonded together by time, incredible support and a really genuine sweetness. They have been patient, and they have built everything little by little, earning the love they share.  It was so wonderful getting to know them both and to work together to create images that tell their story.


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