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Engagements: emily loves kyle

Emily and Kyle

The Wildlife Sanctuary here in Green Bay has the most beautiful morning light, especially on a day where spring is just making its appearance here in the midwest.  The water was calm, the light was filtering gold and green through the little sprouts of leaves, and Emily and Kyle were arm-in-arm, all smiles.  Emily and Kyle have this natural, easygoing sort of love between them, as though it is second nature to support and care for one another – it is a sweet thing to be around.  Right now the couple is going through lots of changes: new job, moving, school, and through all of this, planning for their wedding next fall.  It was good to take a moment with them to celebrate where they are at and what they have to look forward to – to just be 100% there, enjoying the warm spring day.  Congratulations, Emily and Kyle!

Engaged: Nikki Loves Tom

I love our brave couples – brides who are not afraid of their dress touching the ground, grooms who think nothing of walking out into a field on a rainy day, and couples like Nikki and Tom who prepare to meet with freezing temps for some wintery engagement photos! A few days before Nikki and Tom’s engagement session, we were in contact about the weather: high of 7, snow. Usually we don’t keep our sessions on for that date if the temperature is below 20, but with this winter being so chilly at all times, any number without a negative sign in front of it didn’t seem so bad. Still, I would be in boots and a coat, with thirty shirts underneath; Nikki and Tom would be in their well-planned engagement outfits. She said it would be no problem and they weren’t worried. Sure enough, through wind and snow and cold, Nikki and Tom were laughing and smiling as though our high of 7 was a balmy Wisconsin 30.  Their courage paid off as we got the opportunity to create the perfect winter engagement photos including hot cocoa, a vintage sled and a cozy wool blanket.  We are looking forward to Nikki and Tom’s wedding coming up this fall; Congratulations you two!

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