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Portraits: family session at bayshore park, new franken

Green-Bay-Family-Photography-Fall-Photographer-Bay-Shore-Park-Kids-ChildrenI love fall. It’s always been my favorite season. I love the sound of the leaves crunching under foot, I love hot drinks with a cold chill in the air, and I love the bright colors and warm light of the midwest.  For the {P} Family’s session we had one of those amazing September days and I was happy for the excuse to spend golden hour outside.

The {P} Family is always a blast to photograph. David has ever-changing interests and is always up for any game we play (with an intoxicating giggle to fill the moments in between!)  and Everett is just the happiest little guy. He is happy to watch his big brother, happy to be exploring (wispy baby hair blowing about), and happy to be held. This family is loving and patient. Happy 1st Birthday, Everett! David, we’ll see you next time with the tickle flower!

Portraits: alexander’s baptism, st. francis xavier cathedral

Green-Bay-Baptism-Saint-Francis-Xavier-Catholic-Family-Photographer-PhotographyOne of the best parts about what we do is that we get to be involved in so many milestone celebrations: birthdays, weddings, engagements, graduations, and in this case, a baptism. Little Alexander was so happy throughout his baptismal ceremony. He was very alert, interested in the ceilings of the cathedral, the lighting of his candle, and the gestures and expressions of the priest. When people smiled at him, he smiled back full of giggles and excitement, absolutely loving all these family members who had traveled from near and far to be a part of this important event.  We were glad to be a part of it as well, documenting something so special. Congratulations, Alexander!

Portraits: caiden turns two, pamperin park

Green-Bay-Photography-Child-Pamperin-Park-Two-FamilyTwo year olds have the ability to do something we, as adults, are always trying to figure out… They know how to live in the moment. Every minute is full of possibility; every new place is an adventure waiting to happen.  That’s what makes two year sessions so fun.

We choose locations that allow for running, exploring and playing, so we can be behind the lens (also running and playing) to capture their expressions. It’s always amazing to me to see their surprise, wonderment, (and sassy smirks!) as I go through the images after the session, because many times they are too fast to see in real time. Portraits like these become a way to push “pause” on this crazy stage of constant moving, and have a little something to hold onto – a way to remember your little two year old even when they’re all grown up.

Portraits: welcome baby elizabeth

Green_Bay_Newborn_Baby_Photos_Family_Girl_Studio_CuteWe’ve been waiting on little Elizabeth and counting down the days since she was first announced in fall.  Since then there have been maternity pictures, baby showers, and a new home with a nursery decorated just for her.  Baby Elizabeth showed up into a world already in love with her. <3

Elizabeth’s session was so fun for us because at nearly nine pounds she was the perfect sleepy, squishy baby, settling easily into poses. She liked being rocked and snuggled and wrapped up tightly.  All our new babies in spring were boys, so we were excited to start the summer with a baby girl (break out the pink wraps and headbands!) Elizabeth couldn’t have been sweeter, and we can’t wait to see her again!

Portraits: morgan turns two, barkhausen preserve

Green_Bay_Photography_Child_Barkhausen_Reserve_Two_FamilyEvery now and then we have a session where I just can’t believe how much someone has grown up. Last year at this time Morgan was this tiny little girl with a bob of hair, just walking. Now here she is, still with those big blue/green eyes, but with long hair that curls at the ends, and full of energy and conversation. Morgan has no fear and is interested in exploring everything. During our session at Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve, she ran her hands through tangles of flowers, peered over the bridge and through crevices, and kept close observation on everyone who passed by. We love watching children as they grow up and share their personalities and interests with us. Happy Birthday, Morgan!

Portraits: missy and her mentor

Green_Bay_Portrait_Mentor_Family_Mother_Studio_Green_Bay_PhotographyWe all need someone by our side to guide us, inspire us, and challenge us to be our best.  We may not use the word mentor, but that is what it means. Missy called me a month or two ago; she was boarding a plane for a family vacation and had been struck with an idea. She had recently heard that her mentor, Lorraine was planning to retire and move to New Orleans to be with her daughter. It was in this life-changing moment, that she realized (as we often do) how few photos she had of the two of them together. She wanted something substantial to hold on to – a symbol of their relationship.

Lorraine was one of Missy’s instructors in the masters program at UWO. She began every class reading from a novel marked with paperclip bookmarks. Her approach was slow and concentrated, and it tested Missy’s patience. The way Lorraine taught was a lesson in itself, something beyond the subject matter. Lorraine discussed reinventing herself, and creating the life she led with a purpose and Missy was inspired. She describes Lorraine as “a woman grounded in her faith, her marriage, her family.” When Missy came to turning points and moments of great decision, she turned to Lorraine. Through Lorraine Missy could see her ideas as concrete goals with steps that made her feel capable and sure of her decisions. Future life events brought them even closer together.

It’s funny how easy it can be to forget the value of a photograph. All day long we are Instagramming our food and Snapchatting our pedicures (guilty on both counts) and that can make us blind to how much an image can really matter. Earlier this week I stopped in at my grandparents’ house, and casual conversation led to an evening looking through photographs from the mid 1800s forward – portraits of our family. In one image I saw my great-great-great-grandma surrounded by her children, baby on her knee, and all I could think was wow.  Someone so long ago made the decision to gather the family together and have this beautiful image made so that I could hold it in my hands 150 years later. This was done for me. Kind of a powerful thing.

It was my pleasure to be a part of creating an image that would tell the story of Lorraine and Missy, an image that signifies the life-changing events that brought them together, strengthened their bond, and leads them on to what comes next.

Portraits: welcome baby mason

Green_Bay_Newborn_Baby_Photos_Family_Studio_FoxBaby Mason was 9 days new for his session, and just the snuggliest little guy.  We were very excited to have him in the studio to try out some cute, new props we just got in (including this ridiculously adorable fox hat!)  He modeled hats, wraps, basket stuffers, even a new bucket surrounded by real pussywillows (which I was dying to try!)  I swear sweet, new baby photos are the best cure for that midweek slump – makes me wish we had a cute, little guy like this one in the studio every week. Congratulations, {L} Family, on your new arrival!

Hey mommies-and-daddies-to-be! Are you due between May and September? If you book your newborn session in April, you will receive a free Mini Maternity Session (which even includes an added print credit!).  This is a really great bonus and something we’ve never done before!  Send us a message to set up a consultation and find out more details:

Three Reasons to Love Small Wedding Parties

Wedding_Green_Bay_Wisconsin_Small_Wedding_Party_Intimate_ReasonsMany of us can think back to what wedding parties were like when we were kids – 9 hot pink dresses with puffy sleeves and lace hats alongside 9 black tuxes with shiny matching cumberbunds – anyone? If your face is twisted in revulsion at the thought of this, then you are right there with most modern brides.  Beyond dismissing the fashion of it in favor of a simpler more tasteful style, I am also loving the trend of smaller bridal parties.  Your wedding is about you and your husband, and each choice you make should be a reflection of who you are and what you like. Time to toss out those “wedding obligations” (send them away with the puffy-sleeved dresses!)

In case you’re on the fence about how to choose your bridal party, or unsure where “really amazing best friends” turn into “kind of good friends” turn into “I probably should”, here’s a few reasons to keep it small.

1. Less is More

If you’re a person who loves the chaos of it all, you might enjoy the buzz of a 12 person wedding party around you at all times.  But for those who like simplicity, a smaller wedding party means less stress and less obligations.  The fewer bridesmaids and groomsmen you have, the fewer schedules you have to coordinate for wedding events and the less people you have to keep track of on your wedding day.  When it comes to picture time and bridesmaid 1 is refreshing her drink, bridesmaid 2 has wandered off in search of a bathroom, bridesmaid 3 is checking on her children, bridesmaid 4 thinks she left her purse in the dressing room… well you get the idea.  Smaller wedding parties will save you time, money, stress, and valuable bits of your sanity when “I-do” rolls around.

2. Your Wedding is Your Wedding

I cannot stress this enough: your wedding is about you and your future husband deciding to make a commitment.  It is not about a friend you were close with in high school who you rarely see nowadays and it is not about a cousin who asked you to stand up in her wedding three years ago.  Each choice you make as you plan your wedding is a reflection of who you are as a couple.  Wedding parties no longer need to follow the old Southern tradition of having your future sisters-in-law stand up (frankly, if you weren’t friends before the engagement, they can rest easy in the second row).  The same goes for having kiddos stand up in the wedding.  It is incredibly valuable to have your own children involved in your wedding, or little ones you are very close to, but all to often couples are tracing out their family tree to find children simply because they think they should.  Each time you decide on someone for your wedding party, ask yourself if it is really what you want.  The people who care most for you will honor your choices and be glad for you, and anyone who would cause drama over your decisions, well… be glad they aren’t in the wedding party.

3. The Best of the Best

The absolute best thing about small wedding parties, is that the people you choose are going to be the friends-forever-and-no-matter-what type.  And that means when your wedding day arrives and you are stressed and nervous, they will be there to calm you down and fix problems before they even happen (instead of that ex-roomate who is just admiring herself in the mirror, and worrying about how she looks in her dress).  Extra people doesn’t always mean extra help; the right people means extra help.  These special bridesmaids who made the cut will be the ones crying through the ceremony right alongside you and pulling bobbypins from their own hair to make sure that yours look perfect.  That’s who you want standing up with you.


Worried about offending those who don’t stand up?  There are still many ways to honor people you care for who might not be the right fit for your bridal party.  You could ask them to be ushers or personal attendants, or to perform a reading during the ceremony. Are they family you aren’t sure you want in the party? Consider giving them a corsage or boutonniere to honor your relationship.  Many times they will be glad to skip the expense and enjoy the view from the crowd.

Choosing your wedding party is a decision you and your fiancé will need to make together, and going with a small party may not be the best fit for your personalities or wedding theme.  No matter what you plan or what route you go, think about what you want as a couple, and toss those “miss manners obligations” on the pile with lace parasols and permed hair.  Do your wedding your way and enjoy every minute!

5 Tips for Great Newborn Photos

Green_Bay_Family_Newborn_Photographer_Studio_Baby_WisconsinMost people, when asked, will say that the most important photos you will ever have taken are your wedding photos. I want to challenge that. Although wedding photography is very important, weddings are not the only “once in a lifetime moment” you will experience… what about newborn photos? There is only this short window of time your baby will be this small, this precious, and just like a wedding it will fly by and you will have to rely on the images to remember what that time looked like.  Here are a few tips to help you get a great experience when planning and preparing for your newborn session.

1. Plan Your Session Before Baby Arrives – Once the baby gets here, it will be hard to plan outfits for yourself or think of important images you want covered. It may also be hard to get an appointment with your favorite photographer on short notice. We recommend planning your newborn session during your pregnancy – sitting down with your photographer to discuss what you are looking for and plan outfits and styling. Most photographers will “pencil you in” for around your due date so they can be sure there will be a session available.

2. New Babies Photograph Better – Babies are at their most flexible at 5-10 days new; this is the ideal time for a newborn session.  Once little ones reach 14 days and older, they lose flexibility and will not be able to do many of the poses you see in sweet, squishy, newborn photos. They will also be less likely to sleep during the session which can make the session more difficult. Talk with your photographer about precautionary measures they take with backdrops and props to ensure a sanitary environment for your new little one.

3. Keep It Simple – New babies are beautiful just the way they are! They don’t need three-piece-suits, slogan onesies, or frilly dresses to make them any cuter. We much prefer photographing babies naked, in diaper covers, or swaddle wraps rather than clothing.  Oftentimes outfits will be too large, or sit too close to the baby’s face and cause distraction more than anything. The simpler you keep their outfits and styling, the more the images will focus on all the tiny baby features.

4. Think About Yourself – It’s important that newborn photos include pictures with mom and dad.  Even if you aren’t feeling quite like yourself, it’s important to step in front of the camera for a few quick shots (your little one will be so grateful for these as they grow up!)  Your photographer can help you plan for flattering clothing that will focus on you and baby together.  Many new moms find it a confidence building experience to make a salon appointment before their session to get their hair and make-up done and have a chance to relax and be pampered.

5. Be Prepared – Sleepy, full, warm babies are the best babies to photograph. Your photographer will be in charge of preparing a warm, pleasant environment for the baby, and the best thing you can do to prepare is to bring baby with a full belly.  Newborn sessions can take 2-3 hours, so plan on feeding a second time and be sure to bring snacks along for yourself and any other children. Other good things to bring along: burp rag, pacifier, soft blanket (to keep toasty between shots if the baby will be naked), and backup clothing for baby and yourself.

If you have any questions about our newborn sessions and style, feel free to post them in the comments below, or email us at .  We would love to hear from you!

Getting Organized! my custom photography planner

Portrait_Wedding_Photographers_Photography_Planner_Calendar_OrganizationBeing a wedding photographer means I have my life planned out two years in advance (well, at least the summer weekends!)  Being a list-maker and visual person means I crave having a place for all this information to exist together – reserved dates, editing deadlines, upcoming payments, etc.  And of course… it had to be pretty. 😉  I spent a lot of time searching for a photography planner that fit the bill (a place to make goals, plan promotions, track quarterly and yearly progress) and I came up with nothing.  I’ve always been one for “if you can’t find it, make it” so here we are!  74 pages of monthly spreads with social media and blogging deadlines, monthly goals, quarterly goals, and a way to track progress specific to how our photography business works.  I’m in the process of filling in deadlines and upcoming payments as well as writing my goals and promotions for February and March – but before my scribblings took over, I thought I would share it on the blog.  Such fun designing something new, and even better when it solves a problem. Cheers to the new year!

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