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Make your own magazine bracelet.
Free tutorial below
Download this free video and learn how to make a bead bracelet
using old magazines you have lying around the house!
This unique bracelet will impress, and is a lot of fun to make, especially
on days you’re stuck in the house.


This art project is simple, easy, and fun for both adults and kids! We can even turn all those old magazines into dress up jewelry!


Doing this also is a way to recycle that paper, so there’s even the added benefit of doing something good for your community and the earth!


Download the video and let’s make art!

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Meet the artist!

Kasey Hock, Wisconsin artist and photographer, founded Mama + Maker in 2020 as a way to explore how motherhood changes our artistic identity.


What is Mama + Maker?

Mama + Maker seeks to empower women who are both mothers and artists to celebrate their twofold identity, feel supported, and break down barriers that stand in the way of creative expression.

Every move we make will be centered around this mission and in the future we hope to bring you workshops with onsite childcare, access to open studio hours for working on your creative endeavors, and fun items and events that help you celebrate and own your identity as mom and maker.