Personal Post: pieper the teddy roosevelt terrier

Pieper_Jane_Rat_Terrier_Dog_Photography_Lifestyle_Green_BayLast Saturday we volunteered to photograph the Bark of the Bay benefit for Bay Area Humane Society.  We are not generally event photographers, and turn down most event coverage requests in favor of the things we love more – weddings and portraits.  We made an exception in this case because we have close ties to our local Humane Society in the form of our big-eared, little dog, Pieper.

We adopted Pieper from the Humane Society’s former PetSmart location in January 2013.  She was 3 months old and just the tiniest thing (with floppy ears if you can even imagine it!)  Ben didn’t grow up with pets and was very unsure about the prospect of being dog owners, but the moment he held Pieper, she nestled into his arms and I knew she had to be ours.

The Humane Society received Pieper from the Rescue Waggin’ along with three siblings.  With very little to go on, and their young age, the staff had to make a guess as to her breed, and when we picked her up, we were adopting a rat terrier/husky mix.  It became clear as she got longer, chestier, and not that much bigger that she was no husky.  And the moment I heard a little hound howl from our backyard, the long tail and crooked paws added up.  People are always stopping us while we’re out walking to ask her breed, and although we don’t have any real information, the evidence points to rat terrier/beagle mix aka: Teddy Roosevelt Terrier.

Even as I’m blogging now and she lies sprawled out in the room next door, it is wonderful to have her here (giving me curious expressions and occasional deep sighs).  Anyone who has ever loved a dog knows what sweet companionship there is in simply being together.

You can find out more information about the Bay Area Humane Society and Rescue Waggin’ here: or stop by our Facebook page to see photos from the BAHS event

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