Snowy Modeling Portraits with Ze!

On Thursday, amidst the white fluffy scatterings of the snowstorm, we met with Ze for some outdoor modeling portraits. Although we would have guessed that the snow would make the photoshoot more difficult, it actually added a completely new dimension to all the images. The light coating of snow that developed on all the urban objects – fire escapes, brick walls, etc – softened their industrial exteriors and the flakes that fell through the images added a little extra drama.
We had a great time getting to know Ze. He has been modeling since high school, doing print ads and freeze modeling, along with his favorite type, runway modeling. The dreads (that I’m sure caught your eye) have been a product in the making since 2004. Ze initially got interested in modeling because he loved fashion. He discovered modeling to be a natural ability and has been doing it ever since. At the end of the photoshoot we headed back to the studio for some indoor shots (and to give Ze’s frozen fingers a break!). It was a great day for a snowstorm.

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