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Personal Post: fall day trips

Wisconsin-Midwestern-Adventure-Photographer-Explore-St-Louis-Crivitz-Northwoods-Vintage-Moped-Cabin-1 Wisconsin-Midwestern-Adventure-Photographer-Explore-St-Louis-Crivitz-Northwoods-Vintage-Moped-Cabin-2You know those Fridays when you are about to pack for the weekend, then realize you never unpacked from last weekend and the ten outfits you actually wear, are in the laundry? It’s the busy season scramble with work to be done, great weather to be enjoyed, and the overnight bag ready for adventure!

In this winter lull, I have a moment to organize our personal photos from the past few months, and in doing so, I realized this fall was filled with fun day trips. There was the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame in late August, a day-long moped trip in September, an October weekend in St. Louis (with a stop at the Leinenkugel’s Brewery), and Ben’s birthday celebration at a cabin in November. On Monday we came home with full hearts (and memory cards) and by Thursday, we were already preparing for the next outing. A more practical person may be tempted to feel domestic guilt for all the weeks where our refrigerator only contained mustard and beer, but I know better. There are only so many summer days that hit 70°, and only so many fall days that hit 50°, and if I’m in the grocery store pushing around a cart and missing one of the twenty beautiful sunsets on one of the ten warm evenings, well, that just won’t do.

Photography drew me in because it gives me the ability to capture things. My restless side is just another urge to keep events, places, feelings, and sensations, storing them away in my memory. That way, when there are no trips on the horizon and no sun in the sky, I’ve got memories of day trips like these to keep me warm.


Photos above are film scans (Kodak Portra 35 mm) from August-October 2016.

Portraits: matt & chelsea, northwoods cabin proposal

Crivitz-Engagement-Proposal-Northwoods-Wisconsin-Engagement-Photographer-Wedding-1 Crivitz-Engagement-Proposal-Northwoods-Wisconsin-Engagement-Photographer-Wedding-2Matt and Chelsea knew each other a long time before they got together. They traveled in the same groups of friends, worked side-by-side, and saw the absolute best and worst days. Their relationship was built before one tried to impress the other, before silly “dating games” took hold, and because of that, it came from a place of understanding and honesty. Last year Matt surprised Chelsea with a photography session at her family’s cabin as a gift, but as the session came around this summer, it became more than just a “couples session”. The turn-of-the-century cabin is in the Crivitz area and sits on beautiful Wonder Lake, far into the woods.  As the session ended on a hot July afternoon and the canoe was being pulled ashore, Matt got down on one knee right there in the lake and asked Chelsea to marry him. She said yes, and we couldn’t have been happier to be there to capture such an important milestone at a place they love best. Congratulations, Chelsea and Matt!

Personal Post: friends in northwoodsy places

Crivitz-Northwoods-Vacation-Friends-Cabin-Kasey-and-Ben-Travel-WisconsinBrought on by too many episodes of Friends and Sex and the City, somewhere along the line I developed this fantasy of what weekends with friends would be like when I was in my 20s. If television taught me anything, these days would be filled with mimosa brunches, perfectly curated outfits, and lots of spontaneous travel as a group. I would learn how to actually wear lipstick, pair wine with dinner, and walk gracefully in high heels.

Reality has it so that many of my closest friends live hours away and Sunday brunches together are a luxury planned weeks in advance. Still, I wouldn’t trade these real, honest, pick-up-where-we-left-off-last-month friendships for closer zip codes (or professional wardrobe styling).  There is something about the relationships you have with the people who knew you during the time you changed most – as you grew up, at your most awkward, finding your voice, testing the waters of personal style, breaking the rules, and making your first mistakes. These are the people who will be able to hear what you mean no matter what you say, and they are the people you need to reach out to when you’ve answered the same questions so many times, you’re no longer sure of your stale answers. They meet you where you’re at, and you do the same.

A few weeks ago, as summer was coming to a close, my friend Ashley planned a weekend in the northwoods to celebrate her golden birthday. There were margaritas and champagne, glamorous dinners on the summer porch, and cozy campfires at night. It was everything I imagined my friends and I would be doing at 28, but even better because it was us, and it was real. No laugh-tracks or hairdressers needed.