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Rustic Senior Photos in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Green Bay Senior Photographer Green Bay High School Senior PhotographerWhen we planned for Bryce’s senior session, I knew a rustic location was a must! We always want to help seniors and their families select a location that feels like them. Senior photos should be unique and customized to the person in the photos. We sent some location options Bryce’s way and he selected a log cabin location in Green Bay and Fonferek Glen which we love for its rustic old granary and tall, grassy fields.

Rustic Senior Photos, Green Bay, Wisconsin

We had great weather for his session. The sun was warm and bright and the evening finished with pink skies. We even got to include photos with his dog and his truck which was extra fun! Congratulations on this milestone, Bryce, and best wishes on everything yet to come!

Green Bay Senior Photographer

Rustic Maternity Photos, Fonferek Falls, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Pregnancy Belly Photos Green Bay Green Bay Maternity PhotographerI met Katrina and Patrick in weather like this, cold and rainy when the days start to shorten. We bonded over our mutual love of apple cider and talked about their wedding details. 2020 has been filled with unexpected twists and turns, but Katrina and Patrick were blessed with a wonderful little twist, a baby due right just weeks before their wedding was planned to take place.

Instead of photographing their wedding in a few weeks (we get that honor in 2021) we were given the opportunity to photograph the beautiful moment of waiting for this baby to arrive, bonding and preparing and anticipating the day they get to meet face to face.

We planned Katrina and Patrick’s maternity session at Fonferek Glen in Green Bay. With the dry weather, the falls weren’t running, but we got the most beautiful golden hour. The location matched their rustic vision for the session with fields of wildflowers, barn wood, and and apple trees and Katrina paired that with two glamorous floor-length gowns. It was perfect.

Congratulations, Katrina and Patrick and best wishes as you prepare to meet your little bundle.

Country and Beach Senior Photos, Fonferek Glen, Green Bay

Fields Nature Senior Photos Luxemburg, Wisconsin Senior PhotographerGreen Bay Senior Photographer

Having attended a small, country high school myself, I always have a soft spot for seniors from rural schools coming into Green Bay for their senior photos. I remember what it was like to graduate with 86 people and want to find a way to set myself apart.

Country Senior Photos in Green Bay, Wisconsin

When we began planning for Morgan’s senior session she knew one thing she for sure did not want, and one things she for sure did want. She didn’t want anything downtown or urban. Bucking the trends of brick and city scenes, Morgan is a country girl at heart with a love for hunting, sports, and working with her hands. The thing she knew she did want was variety. Because of that, we recommended two locations that would make it look like we made four separate stops — field, woods, granary at Fonferek Glen in Green Bay and limestone escarpment and sunset beach photos in New Franken.

Sunset Beach Photos

Morgan is a do it all kind of girl. She rocked the dress and lipstick in a warm, glowy field, showed her badass side in her Shiocton High School letter jacket, then switched into camo and hiked into the woods with her bow. The bright yellow leaves remind us that it was the last week of October, but if you saw her wading into the waterfall or walking along the beach in shorts, you would have no idea that she was the least bit cold. We know Morgan will be able to take on anything!


Green Bay Maternity Session at Fonferek Glen

Green Bay Photographers Fonferek Glen WaterfallsSpring may be my favorite time of year to photograph maternity sessions. The grass is coming up, the trees are budding, and even before the flowers bloom, baby animals are being born. New life is all around and nothing emphasizes that more than maternity photos. Megan contacted us in winter partway through her pregnancy to plan for her session and pick the perfect location for the time of year, knowing we wouldn’t quite have leaves or blossoms yet.

green bay maternity photographer

After chatting about her vision, we decided on Fonferek Glen in Green Bay to capture the rustic charm of the old granary, barn, and fence line, as well as the fields of tall grass. Megan dressed perfectly for the season in florals, and although we fought with a little wind, we had a golden hour sunshine to make beautiful photos. Megan and Randy’s little boy is due to make his arrival in the next week or two. Congratulations, M & R!

Portraits: rustic family session at fonferek glen, green bay

rustic-country-family-green-bay-photography-kids-children-fonferek-glen-photos-1 rustic-country-family-green-bay-photography-kids-children-fonferek-glen-photos-2Little boys going on big adventures – there is nothing more perfect. That’s what we loved about the {C} Family’s session at Fonferek Glen in De Pere. Hayden, Mason, and Brady each have completely different personalities, but when it comes to getting into mischief together, they are all in. The fields of Fonferek were a great place for them to explore and play as we captured the colors and textures of the warm summer night. The session ended with the family of five holding hands and walking toward the fields, their long shadows stretching across the grass. These are the summer moments that midwesterners cling to as the days get shorter and the kiddos grow bigger. We were so happy to capture these boys at such fun ages, full of curiosity and joy!

Portraits: waiting for baby {s}, fonferek glen, green bay

Green-Bay-Maternity-Photos-Pregnancy-Photography-Fonferek-Falls-Rustic-Country-Spring-Belly-Kasey-and-BenWhen it comes to portraits, most people want to wait until the grass has become thick and all the trees have developed leaves. But babies have their own plans and timelines, which gets us out and about photographing in one of my favorite times of year – spring. I’ve got nothing against lush beds of green grass, but for me, there is nothing like those creamy early spring tones of fields and branches – perfect for a rustic, country maternity session like this one.

Ashley and Scott both studied Dairy Science at UW-Madison, and since it was a small program, they got to know each other very well and connected in a way that brings us to today, three weeks away from the arrival of their first baby girl. Being “cold weather people” the 45 degree day was no challenge for them, and the location we chose fit well with their personalities and backgrounds, both coming from Minnesota farming families. We got the opportunity to include some favorite childhood books, tiny John Deere cow socks, and of course, one of Baby {S}’s first photos – her sonogram.

We know there are many family members out their waiting patiently for this little girl to arrive, and we can’t wait to be a part of her newborn session once she makes her debut. Congratulations, Ashley and Scott!

Portraits: family session at fonferek glen, green bay

Fonferek-Falls-Glen-Family-Photography-Green-Bay-Photographer-Rustic-Country-Kids-ChildrenThere are many things I love about being a photographer – we spend time outside, celebrate lots of happy moments (weddings, birthdays, graduations), and we get a chance to connect with people.  Most of all I love chasing down beautiful light like this, and making images that I know will become even more meaningful as they age.  It’s a pretty special thing to be a part of capturing these memories of families together – snuggling, playing, smiling – knowing these will be the images they look back on as their family grows and changes.

If you can imagine it, the {B} Family’s session almost got rained out.  In fact we had a moment in the middle of the session with a little bit of sun and just enough of a sprinkle to make a beautiful rainbow. At moments like that you can’t help but feel glad to be where you are with all you have (especially when that includes a camera!) Cheers to the {B} Family and Happy First Birthday to baby Jackson!

Portraits: rustic country couples session at fonferek glen

Green_Bay_Fonferek_Glen_Country_Couples_Engagement_Farm_Barn_Photography_LedgeviewSpring in Wisconsin is gorgeous.  We suffer through the cold with tolerant shivers and puffy layers of because this is what we are rewarded with. And when the midwest gets it right, it gets it so right.  We postponed Lucas and Dana’s session from earlier in the week due to snowy conditions and high winds (anyone remember the sunny day with the snow? that day) and we are very glad we waited.  Sunday gave us warm afternoon light, creamy sun-filled fields, and the perfect spring breeze.

Dana and Lucas won our Facebook contest for a free session in December.  They are a relaxed, down-to-earth couple, and when we started discussing ideas for their session, they said rustic, country vibes were what they were looking for.  We settled on the perfect location – one that warranted the use of my Hunter galoshes (my go-to spring footwear).  The afternoon was perfect: we chatted about their new home and upcoming trips, and photographed their sweet snuggles (Dana even taught Lucas what an “Eskimo Kiss” was).  Cheers, Dana and Lucas!