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Portraits: tori’s one year session, green bay botanical gardens

Tori is full of personality! Just a moment with her and you’ll realize how closely she watches everything around her. She learns quickly how things work, how they go together, how they come apart (and, when possible, how to get inside). Tori makes people work for her sweet smiles, but the moment she brightens up, we all smile along with her.

We had the most beautiful evening to document Tori’s first Birthday at Green Bay Botanical Gardens. It was mid-May so the fruit blossoms were still on the trees and the fields were filled with tulips. Spring is such a gorgeous time for family sessions like these! Happy First Birthday, Tori!

Portraits: fall family session at westwood hills nature center, minneapolis minnesota

minneapolis-minnesota-family-photos-lgbt-westwood-hills-nature-center-st-paul-photographer-1 minneapolis-minnesota-family-photos-lgbt-westwood-hills-nature-center-st-paul-photographer-2In all the bustle of a wedding day, sometimes it’s hard to slow down and have a moment with those you love best. That’s what Together Sessions are for. When Tracy and Kristy mentioned saving their session for family photos with their son, Vinny, we thought that was a perfect idea! We would have an opportunity to photograph them as they truly are on a real day – favorite clothes, home city, and a little family walk. The session was held on a chilly October morning, but Vinny was kept warm by his puffer vest and an occasional snuggle underneath a cozy blanket. Despite the cold, Vinny was a trooper – entertained by Ben’s antics and happily exploring the area. It was a pleasure photographing this beautiful family!

Portraits: charlotte’s one year session, pamperin park, green bay

fall-family-pictures-pamperin-park-green-bay-child-one-year-outdoors-lifestyle-leaves-colorful-photos-1 fall-family-pictures-pamperin-park-green-bay-child-one-year-outdoors-lifestyle-leaves-colorful-photos-2When newborns we photograph come back for their one year milestone, I am always amazed by how much can change in a single year. Nothing marks a year gone by more pointedly than a baby’s growth. In wonderful cases like Baby Charlotte, we’ve gotten to see them in between as they start to sit up, smile and interact. But when we see them at one year old, standing, laughing, and – in Charlotte’s case – running, it’s really incredible. Those tiny sleeping bundles grow up and we love seeing the new things they learn and the little people they’re growing into. Charlotte’s session was all fall fun, starting with mommy and daddy time and ending with balloons, pumpkins, and leaves. Her favorite things are songs, books, and teasing us by running the other way. Happy First Birthday. Charlotte!

Portraits: elizabeth’s sitting session, green bay, wisconsin

Green-Bay-Infant-Child-6-months-studio-family-photographyElizabeth is the happiest baby. She is always full of giggles and smiles, never nervous to be held by friends and family who love her snuggly nature. Elizabeth was eight months for her sitting session and everyone was unsure how it would go that day because she had missed her nap and just gotten over a sickness. We assured them that we could always reschedule, but decided to give Lizzie a little time to adjust first. In no time, she was back to her happy self – giggling, sticking out her tongue, and flashing the bright smile she inherited from daddy. I love photographing little ones at the sitting stage because of how much personality comes out (it’s also one of the last stages before they become master crawlers, and can sneak away from us!) Can’t wait to watch you grow, Baby Elizabeth!

Portraits: caiden turns two, pamperin park

Green-Bay-Photography-Child-Pamperin-Park-Two-FamilyTwo year olds have the ability to do something we, as adults, are always trying to figure out… They know how to live in the moment. Every minute is full of possibility; every new place is an adventure waiting to happen.  That’s what makes two year sessions so fun.

We choose locations that allow for running, exploring and playing, so we can be behind the lens (also running and playing) to capture their expressions. It’s always amazing to me to see their surprise, wonderment, (and sassy smirks!) as I go through the images after the session, because many times they are too fast to see in real time. Portraits like these become a way to push “pause” on this crazy stage of constant moving, and have a little something to hold onto – a way to remember your little two year old even when they’re all grown up.

Portraits: morgan turns two, barkhausen preserve

Green_Bay_Photography_Child_Barkhausen_Reserve_Two_FamilyEvery now and then we have a session where I just can’t believe how much someone has grown up. Last year at this time Morgan was this tiny little girl with a bob of hair, just walking. Now here she is, still with those big blue/green eyes, but with long hair that curls at the ends, and full of energy and conversation. Morgan has no fear and is interested in exploring everything. During our session at Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve, she ran her hands through tangles of flowers, peered over the bridge and through crevices, and kept close observation on everyone who passed by. We love watching children as they grow up and share their personalities and interests with us. Happy Birthday, Morgan!

Portraits: mara turns four

Green_Bay_Child_Photographer_Studio_Indoor_Portraits_WisconsinWhen this cold winter weather hits (negative 2 for a high today…really?) it’s time to huddle on into the studio for indoor portraits.  For kiddos with winter birthdays, there is no need to hold off for warmer temperatures; we have lots of options for backdrops indoors.

We have been photographing Mara since her first birthday, and we’re always excited to see what she will be wearing for her photo sessions as she has a personal seamstress on call (aka: grandma) to make things just for her.  Mara is full of personality – she told us so many stories while she was here for her session, and with each new outfit she strolled into the studio as though it were a fashion show.  That is Mara, and we love it.  It is so fun to watch kiddos grow and change – to hear all about what their new interests are and feel as though we know them personally.  Happy Fourth Birthday, Mara!

Portraits: sweetpea’s clothier winter photoshoot

Sweetpeas_Clothier_DePere_Studio_Child_Photography_Fashion_ModelingI love working with Sweetpea’s Clothier in De Pere.  I believe it is important to support small businesses, especially when they provide something special and unique to the area.  This is certainly how I feel about Sweetpea’s; they have a huge variety of children’s clothing as well as unique gifts, jewelry, and mommy needs.  (I am neither a mother or a child and somehow I own two shirts and a tote from there that I absolutely love!)

Cassius was our winter model and he did a great job!  He is full of personality and spunk and I loved getting to capture all his activities and expressions.  Plus I think it’s impossible to not love a boy with a head full of curls!  Cassius is wearing shoes by See Kai Run and clothing by Appaman and Fore.  Be sure to stop by Sweetpea’s for last minute Christmas shopping (I recommend Jellycat toys for the little ones!) and tell them we sent you their way. 🙂

Portraits: ryan turns one, green isle park

One_Year_Photos_Green_Isle_Park_Outdoor_Family_PhotosFall in Wisconsin is always a gamble – it could be sunny and 60; it could be 30 with high winds.  We were incredibly lucky to have a beautiful sunshine-filled day for Ryan’s one year session.  He was all smiles an excitement, and although he needed a little break in the middle, he came back 100% happy and ready to play.  It’s a good reminder that the kiddos make the rules and sometimes a little nap and snack is the next thing on the agenda.  I love fall photos, and I especially love days that give us this warm, dreamy light that we got for Ryan’s session.  It has been so special to watch him grow from only a few days old to the walking, running, tough little redhead he is today.  Happy First Birthday, Ryan!

Portraits: sweetpeas clothier, green bay citydeck

Green Bay_Infant_Child_Citydeck_Downtown_PhotographySweetpeas promotional photoshoots are always such a blast because we have the opportunity to choose new locations and hand-select all the outfits and accessories.  Being downtowners, the Green Bay Citydeck was a natural choice for our fall photoshoot with our models Evy and Stella.  We had beautiful, bright light coming across the water and two happy little girls to work with.  Most of the outfits seen here are made by Everbloom or Tea, and all clothing and accessories are available for purchase at Sweetpeas Clothier in De Pere.  And if you have a little girl of your own, I don’t know how you could resist that adorable white tutu!

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