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Green Bay Holiday Session with the {H} Family

Christmas Card Pictures Green Bay Family PhotographerWhen Sara and her family contacted us about our Limited Edition Sessions, the first thing she said was that they had never had a family photo with everyone looking at the camera and smiling. This was not for want of trying. Sara’s family had been photographed many times as a group, but since becoming a family of five three years ago they couldn’t seem to get one of them all looking and smiling.

Green Bay Family Photographers

Sara had read on our website that we are a husband and wife team and work together to capture real expressions in even the hardest situations. We met up, I learned about her kids, Natalee, Molly, and Alexander, and that Alex is on the spectrum. He’s a smiley kid, but he’s adventurous and wants to run, play, and explore. We chatted a little more, I learned about Alex’s interests and what gets his attention, and Ben and I prepared for their session (which mostly involved Googling “Hot Dog Dance” lol). When the family arrived, we felt like we knew them already.

Winter Family Photos, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Alex and the girls did great and we were excited to take on the challenge of creating the family photo that Sara and Andrew had been dreaming of. It makes our hearts so happy to get to share these images with their family!

Victorian Evergreens Limited Edition Sessions in Green Bay

Green Bay Family Photographers Winter Family PhotosEach spring and fall we plan themed one-day-only Limited Edition Sessions. Rather than host classic “mini sessions” that can feel rushed, cheesy, or over the top, our Limited Edition Sessions are centered around the changing of the seasons and include a full 50 minutes. Themes never repeat, which means it’s a great way to get a variety of images that are totally unique! This fall our Limited Edition Session theme is “Victorian Evergreens” with a 1800s velvet couch and vintage set in a grove of evergreens right here in Green Bay.

Green Bay Family Photos

Sessions include up to six people with photos of the group together, breakdowns of the group, posed photos and candids. They also include comprehensive editing, an in person viewing session, 3 social media images of your choice, an 8×10 archival print, and a $100 print credit all for $195! This is 40% off our usual family session prices and a great way to get updated images in time for the holidays!

  • Up to Six People
  • Comprehensive Editing
  • In Person Viewing Session
  • Three Social Media Images
  • 8×10 Archival Print
  • $100 Print Credit

Christmas Mini Sessions

There’s nothing “mini” about these sessions (with a full 50 minutes of time) except the price! Come join us in the evergreens on Saturday, November 9th! BOOK HERE

Portraits: cozy log cabin family photos, green bay, wi

Jacob and Trish got their “Cozy Cabin” session in early this year, helping us show off our Limited Edition Sessions theme with their adorable boys. “Cozy Cabin” is a one day special event in Green Bay with only eight sessions available. We will have the space prepared with a wooden bench, fresh cut birch, cozy wool blankets, cups of cocoa, and real log cabins. You just bring fall spirit! Sessions take place Saturday, November 10th and include a full 50 minutes with us (nothing “mini” about these sessions!), comprehensive editing, an in person viewing session, three social media images, an 8×10 archival print, and a $100 print credit all for $195! Book yours HERE.

Portraits: fall family session at home, hobart, wisconsin

christmas-pictures-green-bay-family-photographer-home-lifestyle-fall-children-holiday-cards-hobart-wisconsin-1 christmas-pictures-green-bay-family-photographer-home-lifestyle-fall-children-holiday-cards-hobart-wisconsin-2When fall arrives late, photographers rejoice because it means we get beautiful, rich color into November. The {H} Family’s session took place the last few days of October, and yet the leaves were still orange and red tones. When Sara suggested holding their biannual family photos at their home in Hobart, that seemed like a wonderful way to make the images more personal. It would be a familiar location for Sam and Ben, and also gave us the opportunity to photograph in front of meaningful spots, like the climbing vines Sara transplanted from her parents’ house. The day was temperate and overcast and we topped the session off with some lifestyle images of Sam and Ben playing basketball in the front yard. Images like that are perfect because they document exactly who the boys are right now and what they’re interested in.

Personal Post: christmas on shawano avenue and a challenge for the new year

Christmas_Downtowon_Green_Bay_Entertaining_Host_PartyA client and friend of ours once gave me a little psychology test in which you find out, at your core, your central philosophy for living daily life.  As the test begins the questions seem silly and unimportant and you answer immediately from your gut.  But as it continues, you hear your responses become serious, even defensive, because you have hit something important.  Mine came down to finding a way to connect with others – to see things from the perspective of people other than myself, to feel what they are feeling and understand what they need.  Perhaps this is true for all introverts, as we are watchers and noticers.  As I meet with clients, hear about wedding plans and session visions, as we capture moments together and I meet your families and share in your celebrations (and the occasional tough moments that life brings), I feel personally connected.  And in this relationship we have, I think it is important for me to share a little of myself in return.  This is why I post personal blogs – to invite you into my life as well.

Our Shawano Avenue Christmas this year was one with friends gathering over wine, snacks, and a rockin’ hot cocoa bar.  It was a mix of old and new friends all with exciting news (travel, engagements, and the upcoming arrival of a baby girl).  It was quieter than a Christmas party would normally be because everyone wanted to hear what the other had to say – people meeting and connecting and reconnecting.  It felt so special to have these friends close at hand and it got me thinking about value.

Christmas day with my family has always been fairly low-key; it is reserved for pajamas and chain-watching movies.  This leaves plenty of time over the long weekend for games with family, trips to the coffee shop, and free moments to reflect after a busy fall.  This Christmas, as the day was coming to a close, It’s a Wonderful Life was playing on the television and I spent the full length of the movie working in my idea book and drinking hot cocoa.  It felt good.  And I began thinking about how long it had been since I had worked creatively with my hands.  There are many things that I don’t give myself enough time for – reading, writing, daydreaming – and because they get pushed aside, I sometimes forget their value.  It is easy to fill time (I am the worst at this) with Facebook cruising and Pinterest searches, and somehow it is Monday morning again, or 11:00 at night, or the end of a Netflix series (whichever speaks to you), and we wonder where the time went and what we have to show for it.

If Christmas is a time for reflection and New Years is a time for a fresh start, I am challenging myself and others to *make the time* for what we need – whatever that means for you.

I will be sharing a few of my own resolutions over on Instagram @kaseyandben – feel free to stop over and post a few of your own!

Child Session: camilla turns two

Camilla is so fun to have in the studio simply because she is the best dressed little girl we’ve seen.  She always comes in with bright, colorful new outfits and accessories carefully selected by mom.  (Check out the satin snow-white-colored dress!)

With Camilla’s Birthday so close to Christmas, we spent a little time capturing some holiday shots of the two of them together.  We were very excited to use our new linen backdrop and tiny tree garlands; Camilla was very excited about our glitter-covered tree with the shiny star topper.  She’s a girl who knows what she likes. 😉  Happy Second Birthday, Camilla!