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Portraits: family photos and destination glamour session, green bay botanical gardens

While Nicole’s grandmother was visiting for the summer, Nicole and her mother, Marina, came up with a wonderful idea. They planned to pamper Paz with a surprise hair and makeup appointment and schedule a photography session to follow. With a little coaxing, they agreed to be involved as well and the results were wonderful. Paz is vibrant and stylish; she loves hiking and the outdoors. We had a lovely summer evening photographing the family at Green Bay Botanical Gardens. As Paz returns to the Philippines, Nicole is leaving for college in New Mexico, and her brother is retuning to the states after years away. At these stages families can be like ships passing, and it was so wonderful to use their brief time all together to capture these images. Safe travels one and all, and best wishes on your big adventures!

Branding: jenstar yoga and dance

Working with people who are passionate about what they do is the absolute best.  Jen is the owner of Jenstar Yoga and Dance and just opened a new studio in De Pere. She is incredibly talented, inspiring, and (need I say it) photogenic. 😉 Many of you will know her from her Yoga on the Deck classes she teaches on the Citydeck in summer. This month she has opened a beauitful new studio in historic De Pere and is celebrating a milestone both professionally and personally.

The classes Jen teaches are not just about strengthening your body, but about gaining perspective on who you are and where you’re going.  They are about learning to accept yourself just as you are, and celebrating your little accomplishments along the way.  We had such a wonderful afternoon at Jen’s studio creating new images for her website and studio space!  If you are looking to learn more about Jenstar’s classes, you can find her online at .