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Green Bay Author Headshots Photography

Green Bay PhotographerEarly in the pandemic while most of us were baking bread and trying to figure out which store had toilet paper in stock, Abby was writing a book. Abby wrote and completed her young adult fiction novel in just four months and it’s set to be published with Titletown Publishing early next year!

Author Book Jacket Headshots, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Abby and her mom contacted us mid-summer to get headshots ready for her book jacket and future promotional use. We developed a vision for something clean, simple, and with a pop of wardrobe color to help Abby’s creativity take centerstage.

Titletown Publishing Author Headshot

We love working with inspiring young people like Abby! It’s such a joy to be a part of their big dreams even if it’s just in a small way. Best wishes on all your future endeavors, Abby. Can’t wait to read your book!

Branding: josh hembel music

A few weeks ago we got to photograph a few lifestyle headshots for Josh Hembel, a local musician who happens to also be my brother. Josh is writing music for his first album and performing in songwriter shows in Door County and Green Bay. His music lyric-centered with poetic turns-of-phrase. We held his session at his beautiful brick home in downtown Green Bay and his toy aussie, Echo, even made an appearance. To follow Josh and find out more, check out his Instagram at

Portraits: family photos and destination glamour session, green bay botanical gardens

While Nicole’s grandmother was visiting for the summer, Nicole and her mother, Marina, came up with a wonderful idea. They planned to pamper Paz with a surprise hair and makeup appointment and schedule a photography session to follow. With a little coaxing, they agreed to be involved as well and the results were wonderful. Paz is vibrant and stylish; she loves hiking and the outdoors. We had a lovely summer evening photographing the family at Green Bay Botanical Gardens. As Paz returns to the Philippines, Nicole is leaving for college in New Mexico, and her brother is retuning to the states after years away. At these stages families can be like ships passing, and it was so wonderful to use their brief time all together to capture these images. Safe travels one and all, and best wishes on your big adventures!

Branding: headshots for the new year

Green_Bay_Headshots_Professional_Business_PhotosThe new year is a great time to start thinking about your online presence as a professional.  (Nobody wants to hire someone from LinkedIn, whose profile photo was cut from a family Christmas picture.)  Headshots are a great idea for any working professional – whether you are looking to move into a new position, start a business, or just create a professional online presence for yourself.  Clients want to know who they are working with and businesses want to know who they are hiring; a clean, professional image, fitting the industry you work in does a great deal to give a good first impression.

Thinking about what a new headshot could do for you? Email us with questions and we can provide details on our headshot and branding sessions for working professionals and business owners.  Contact us at