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5 Tips for Great Newborn Photos

Green_Bay_Family_Newborn_Photographer_Studio_Baby_WisconsinMost people, when asked, will say that the most important photos you will ever have taken are your wedding photos. I want to challenge that. Although wedding photography is very important, weddings are not the only “once in a lifetime moment” you will experience… what about newborn photos? There is only this short window of time your baby will be this small, this precious, and just like a wedding it will fly by and you will have to rely on the images to remember what that time looked like.  Here are a few tips to help you get a great experience when planning and preparing for your newborn session.

1. Plan Your Session Before Baby Arrives – Once the baby gets here, it will be hard to plan outfits for yourself or think of important images you want covered. It may also be hard to get an appointment with your favorite photographer on short notice. We recommend planning your newborn session during your pregnancy – sitting down with your photographer to discuss what you are looking for and plan outfits and styling. Most photographers will “pencil you in” for around your due date so they can be sure there will be a session available.

2. New Babies Photograph Better – Babies are at their most flexible at 5-10 days new; this is the ideal time for a newborn session.  Once little ones reach 14 days and older, they lose flexibility and will not be able to do many of the poses you see in sweet, squishy, newborn photos. They will also be less likely to sleep during the session which can make the session more difficult. Talk with your photographer about precautionary measures they take with backdrops and props to ensure a sanitary environment for your new little one.

3. Keep It Simple – New babies are beautiful just the way they are! They don’t need three-piece-suits, slogan onesies, or frilly dresses to make them any cuter. We much prefer photographing babies naked, in diaper covers, or swaddle wraps rather than clothing.  Oftentimes outfits will be too large, or sit too close to the baby’s face and cause distraction more than anything. The simpler you keep their outfits and styling, the more the images will focus on all the tiny baby features.

4. Think About Yourself – It’s important that newborn photos include pictures with mom and dad.  Even if you aren’t feeling quite like yourself, it’s important to step in front of the camera for a few quick shots (your little one will be so grateful for these as they grow up!)  Your photographer can help you plan for flattering clothing that will focus on you and baby together.  Many new moms find it a confidence building experience to make a salon appointment before their session to get their hair and make-up done and have a chance to relax and be pampered.

5. Be Prepared – Sleepy, full, warm babies are the best babies to photograph. Your photographer will be in charge of preparing a warm, pleasant environment for the baby, and the best thing you can do to prepare is to bring baby with a full belly.  Newborn sessions can take 2-3 hours, so plan on feeding a second time and be sure to bring snacks along for yourself and any other children. Other good things to bring along: burp rag, pacifier, soft blanket (to keep toasty between shots if the baby will be naked), and backup clothing for baby and yourself.

If you have any questions about our newborn sessions and style, feel free to post them in the comments below, or email us at .  We would love to hear from you!

Portraits: welcome baby hawthorn

Green_Bay_Newborn_Baby_Photos_Family_StudioThere is something really special about being one of the first people to see a new baby.  Many times we are their first adventure out of the house, and quite often we have the honor of being introduced before many relatives.  Hawthorn was ten days new for his session and was the perfect newborn – sleepy, squishy, and comfortable in any position.  Each time we got him settled, he would slip into a deep sleep and we felt guilty moving onto the next pose.  Hawthorn is baby number two for the {B} Family, and big brother Rowan did a wonderful job during the session as well.  This family is the absolute sweetest, and we’ve been lucky enough to be their photographers on the day they said “I do”, for the beauty of Meagan’s first pregnancy, Rowan celebrating his first Birthday, and now as the welcome baby Hawthorn into the family. So many blessings! Congratulations, Meagan and Adam, on your new arrival!

Albums, the new old way to share your photos

Green_Bay_Family_Newborn_Photographer_Album_ArtNothing makes me happier than seeing our work printed.  I truly cannot describe the joy when pristine photographs and albums arrive at our door ready to be packaged and delivered.  Photographing a session is the start of a story – we get to learn about your family and capture precious memories – but the story is never completely told until there are tangible photographs in your hands.  People connect to physical images in a completely different way than seeing something on screen; images are more beautiful and intimate when they can be touched and handled.  Rather than being stored away on a hard drive or a disc growing dusty in your office drawer, physical images become timepieces for you to pass on.

We have been so trained by social media to imagine discs and digital storage to be the “safe” method, the way of keeping our images that will last. In reality, cds/dvds are predicted to have a 5-10 year life, hard-drives 3-5, and USBs 8-10.  An archival album is expected to have a life of over 100 years.  These are the items passed down for generations  and handed around kitchen tables at family events.  When we got married, our wedding package came with an album, and until I had it in my hands, I had no idea how much I would treasure it.  Only a couple of times have I gone back to look through our wedding photos on the computer, but I am constantly pulling that album from the shelf and reliving my favorite moments.

Since I clearly love albums, I wanted to share a few samples of the two we offer for portrait sessions.  So many people have been asking about what our printing options are for people who are not big fans of wall art, and albums are the perfect choice.  Featured above are our Small Album which is 5×7, 10 pages with a premium leather cover (holds about 10-20 images) and our Premium Album which is 8×8, 20 pages with a premium leather and matte image combo cover.  Both albums are archival, lay-flat albums, with thick satin-luster pages, and no gutter (so images can run across the spread).  Our Premium Album holds about 20-40 images, and comes with a keepsake storage box.

If you are interested in seeing samples in person, or if you have questions about our sessions or albums, feel free to email us at or head over to our “Connect” page.

Portraits: welcome baby everett


Everett was a little superstar for his newborn session!  Not to give high expectations to all those mommys-to-be out there, but at six days old, Everett didn’t let out any cries, no baby whimpers, nothing.  He let us pose him, wiggle him around, wrap him up, dress him as a caterpillar and he slept through all of it.  His older brother David did a great job too.  He was gentle and sweet with his new baby, and was excited to have photos taken together.  Getting to see new babies so early is such a blessing.  We have the opportunity to preserve these first few days – to share this big moment and all those teenie-tiny (gushworthy) features.  Congratulations to the {P} Family on welcoming their new addition!

Newborns: welcome new baby hazel



Newborn photos are one of the most important photographic moments a family will ever have.  Many times people refer to weddings as the only once-in-a-lifetime event, but I want to offer up a little thought.  Although you will have many photos taken of your children throughout the years, you will never again have that week old baby – those first few moments as a family.  That is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

I many be a bit biased in thinking that Hazel is just about the sweetest little girl of all time (she is my goddaughter), but she really is just that wonderful.  She settled into the poses easily, and, although her little arms were incredibly strong, she let us move her about and lay her down without any fuss.  We are looking forward to seeing how much bigger she is by fourth of July weekend; by then the six pound, sleepy little girl will be something different altogether.  Welcome to the family, baby Hazel; we’ve been waiting for you! <3 <3 <3

Newborn Session: welcome new baby stella

I love working with newborns – tiny little sweet things all bundled up. Evelyn was the first newborn girl we ever photographed, and now, a little over three years later, we got to meet her baby sister, Stella. Stella did an amazing job for her first photos! Fifteen days old, and a little over six pounds, she slept through the entire session, snuggling into posers, baskets and wraps, happy to be wherever we put her. Evy was a perfect big sister – interested in everything that was happening, and helping in any way she could. We were excited to try out a few new props such as our Flokati faux furs, dainty headbands, and new cheesecloth wraps. We have so many beautiful images from this session, narrowing it down to a handful for blogging was a difficult task, so be sure to stay tuned for a future gallery! Welcome, Baby Stella!

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