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Portraits: welcome baby nora, newborn photos

Baby Nora arrived four weeks early, happy and healthy. Big sister, Charlotte, will be turning two in October and it’s fun to look back on her newborn photos and compare those little baby faces – imagining how much more they will look alike as they grow older. Nora did a great job for her session, barely fussing as we changed poses. Love all those sweet little baby features! Congratulations to Emily and Graham on baby number two!

Portraits: welcome baby landon, newborn photos

Two years ago in spring Ashley and Jesse were celebrating their engagement surrounded my an orchard of blooming apple trees. Little did they know, just two years later, they would be spending their spring holding onto their brand new baby boy. One of the greatest joys of being a photographer is getting to watch love stories grow like this, from proposals and weddings to bellies and babies. Congratulations on your new arrival, Ashley and Jesse! And happy day of birth, Landon Daniel!

Portraits: welcome baby jocelyn, newborn photos

Green-Bay-Newborn-Baby-Photos-Indoors-Studio-Door-County-Flowers-GirlAshley and Scott were blessed with their first baby in April: little Jocelyn Elaine. At one week new for her session, she was sleepy and snuggly and happiest in mommy and daddy’s arms. She did a wonderful job, and settled peacefully into every pose we tried. As a spring baby, we decided to do a special photo involving fresh flowers – lilies and tulips – that would remind her family of this very special time she arrived.

Congratulations to Ashley and Scott and all the family whose lives Jocelyn has already touched. Lots of well wishes for a wonderful baptism on Sunday!

Portraits: welcome baby emerson, newborn photos

Green-Bay-Newborn-Baby-Photos-Family-Siblings-Sister-Love-1 Green-Bay-Newborn-Baby-Photos-Family-Siblings-Sister-Love-2A newborn with a toddler for a big sister can often be a challenge when it comes to photos, but between Emerson’s chill attitude and Harper’s excitement for being involved in pictures, there was no trouble whatsoever. We got some sweet, sleepy baby pictures (seriously, those eyelashes though), some bright smiles and adorable pouts from the tot, and of course, snuggly mommy and daddy with new baby photos. It was an absolute joy to share these images with the Cassy and Michael yesterday, and I can’t wait to see the prints as they arrive.

Simple photos of the newest moments are my favorite thing about newborn sessions – no frilly outfits or cheesy props needed. There is just nothing like capturing all the baby goodness while they are at their smallest. Congratulations, Cassy, Michael, and Harper on your new arrival!

Portraits: welcome baby vicent, newborn photos

Green-Bay-Newborn-Baby-Photos-Family-Boy-Natural-Neutral-Studio-CuteIf you’re like me, the chilly days that have settled in this past week have made you feel the need to get extra cozy. I’ve been thinking about heavy quilts, good books, and strong cups of coffee. And if those things don’t quite warm you up, how about a new baby boy born just before Christmas day, swaddled in fur and his mama’s arms?

Baby Vicent was born December 20th, to Tiffany and Carlos. He was ten days new for his first photos with us.  He did such a good job and slept through his entire session, just waking to eat.  Baby Vicent is surrounded by so much love by all his family here in the state and by his other half of the family in Spain who can’t wait to meet him. In the meantime, we’re so glad that they’ll have these early photos of this tiny boy to remember how small he was as he grows bigger. Congratulations to entire family!

Portraits: welcome baby lennox, newborn photos

Green_Bay_Newborn_Baby_Photos_Family_Girl_Studio_Cute_HeadbandAs it gets colder outside, we all start to cling to things that makes us feel cozy. Sometimes that’s a chestnut praline latte or a new wool scarf, but today let it be these snuggly newborn photos of baby Lennox. Nothing like a little new baby squish to remind us of thankfulness as we ease our way into the upcoming holiday week.

Lennox did a great job for her session. She was three weeks new, but arrived early and small, so she was perfect. She liked the white noise and drifted off peacefully as we moved her around and positioned her tiny fingers. Katie and Kyle made the trip down to Green Bay from Door County (my family home) for their newborn session and we’re glad they did. Congratulations, Katie and Kyle!

Portraits: welcome baby charlotte, newborn photos

Green_Bay_Newborn_Baby_Photos_Family_Girl_Studio_CreativeCharlotte Aurora, what a perfect name. Charlotte was just the sweetest little girl for her session. She was sleepy and settled and didn’t mind us posing and wrapping her up. She snuggled into mom and dad for family photos and just opened her eyes now and then (as if she had to check up on us and see what was going on).

Ideal newborn session age is 5-14 days, and Charlotte was perfectly in this window which means she was flexible enough to try out all sorts of poses (including the cute “froggy” pose at the top that I adore). Emily was smart about planning Charlotte’s session this summer so we could prepare to meet their needs and keep space open in our busy October schedule when baby girl was due to arrive.

Emily and Graham are the most relaxed new parents. They fawn over Charlotte, talk to her, and play with her. Together they are attentive without being guarded, and it’s pretty wonderful. Congratulations on your new arrival, Emily and Graham!

Portraits: welcome baby elizabeth

Green_Bay_Newborn_Baby_Photos_Family_Girl_Studio_CuteWe’ve been waiting on little Elizabeth and counting down the days since she was first announced in fall.  Since then there have been maternity pictures, baby showers, and a new home with a nursery decorated just for her.  Baby Elizabeth showed up into a world already in love with her. <3

Elizabeth’s session was so fun for us because at nearly nine pounds she was the perfect sleepy, squishy baby, settling easily into poses. She liked being rocked and snuggled and wrapped up tightly.  All our new babies in spring were boys, so we were excited to start the summer with a baby girl (break out the pink wraps and headbands!) Elizabeth couldn’t have been sweeter, and we can’t wait to see her again!

Portraits: welcome baby mason

Green_Bay_Newborn_Baby_Photos_Family_Studio_FoxBaby Mason was 9 days new for his session, and just the snuggliest little guy.  We were very excited to have him in the studio to try out some cute, new props we just got in (including this ridiculously adorable fox hat!)  He modeled hats, wraps, basket stuffers, even a new bucket surrounded by real pussywillows (which I was dying to try!)  I swear sweet, new baby photos are the best cure for that midweek slump – makes me wish we had a cute, little guy like this one in the studio every week. Congratulations, {L} Family, on your new arrival!

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5 Tips for Great Newborn Photos

Green_Bay_Family_Newborn_Photographer_Studio_Baby_WisconsinMost people, when asked, will say that the most important photos you will ever have taken are your wedding photos. I want to challenge that. Although wedding photography is very important, weddings are not the only “once in a lifetime moment” you will experience… what about newborn photos? There is only this short window of time your baby will be this small, this precious, and just like a wedding it will fly by and you will have to rely on the images to remember what that time looked like.  Here are a few tips to help you get a great experience when planning and preparing for your newborn session.

1. Plan Your Session Before Baby Arrives – Once the baby gets here, it will be hard to plan outfits for yourself or think of important images you want covered. It may also be hard to get an appointment with your favorite photographer on short notice. We recommend planning your newborn session during your pregnancy – sitting down with your photographer to discuss what you are looking for and plan outfits and styling. Most photographers will “pencil you in” for around your due date so they can be sure there will be a session available.

2. New Babies Photograph Better – Babies are at their most flexible at 5-10 days new; this is the ideal time for a newborn session.  Once little ones reach 14 days and older, they lose flexibility and will not be able to do many of the poses you see in sweet, squishy, newborn photos. They will also be less likely to sleep during the session which can make the session more difficult. Talk with your photographer about precautionary measures they take with backdrops and props to ensure a sanitary environment for your new little one.

3. Keep It Simple – New babies are beautiful just the way they are! They don’t need three-piece-suits, slogan onesies, or frilly dresses to make them any cuter. We much prefer photographing babies naked, in diaper covers, or swaddle wraps rather than clothing.  Oftentimes outfits will be too large, or sit too close to the baby’s face and cause distraction more than anything. The simpler you keep their outfits and styling, the more the images will focus on all the tiny baby features.

4. Think About Yourself – It’s important that newborn photos include pictures with mom and dad.  Even if you aren’t feeling quite like yourself, it’s important to step in front of the camera for a few quick shots (your little one will be so grateful for these as they grow up!)  Your photographer can help you plan for flattering clothing that will focus on you and baby together.  Many new moms find it a confidence building experience to make a salon appointment before their session to get their hair and make-up done and have a chance to relax and be pampered.

5. Be Prepared – Sleepy, full, warm babies are the best babies to photograph. Your photographer will be in charge of preparing a warm, pleasant environment for the baby, and the best thing you can do to prepare is to bring baby with a full belly.  Newborn sessions can take 2-3 hours, so plan on feeding a second time and be sure to bring snacks along for yourself and any other children. Other good things to bring along: burp rag, pacifier, soft blanket (to keep toasty between shots if the baby will be naked), and backup clothing for baby and yourself.

If you have any questions about our newborn sessions and style, feel free to post them in the comments below, or email us at .  We would love to hear from you!

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