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Waterfront Family Session at Sunset, Green Bay

We Photographed this beautiful family at their home on Nicolet Drive along the mouth of the bay in Green Bay. When we first met, we visited them at their home to get an idea of the space, noting the gorgeous waterfront, docks, and trees. We planned for sunset photos and were pleased with the cotton-candy pinks and soft blue tones we had on that calm day. The family even decided to end their session splashing in the water! What a fun session and a wonderful family to work with!

Portraits: summer family session on the green bay citydeck

As a kid growing up in Door County summertime was all about being near the water – bay, lake, or river – by boat, beach, or bridge, it didn’t matter, as long as there was water. When we started planning the {D} Family’s session, we imagined waterfront and planned outfits around cool, summer tones. Isaac and Deacon were in good spirits enjoying the beautiful weather, and fun interactions with mom and dad. Some days our work feels more like play, and this was one of those days.

Happy Birthday to little brother Deacon who just celebrated his one year milestone with a cake smash (with bow-tie and birthday hat) on the Green Bay Citydeck!

Portraits: winter family session at door county tree farm

door-county-tree-farm-photography-family-photos-pictures-one-year-sturgeon-bay-green-bay-photographer-christmas-lifestyle-winter-pictures-1 door-county-tree-farm-photography-family-photos-pictures-one-year-sturgeon-bay-green-bay-photographer-christmas-lifestyle-winter-pictures-2As I type this blog with my coffee in hand, it’s 12 degrees outside my office. Wisconsin winters can be cold and long, but they also allow for some pretty spectacular photographs for those brave enough to handle these chilly days. We loved Vicent’s one year session and family photos at this Door County tree farm in late November. Tiffany and Carlos brought along a plaid wool blanket, and a little wagon for Vicent. We packed up some cocoa to help keep the chill out. That baby was bundled and wrapped and snuggled to keep warm. All of it set us up to capture real moments of parents caring for their little one, and loving one another. Such a magical reminder of what matters as we go into this holiday season. Happy First Birthday, Vicent!

Portraits: elizabeth’s one year session, pamperin park, green bay

green-bay-family-photographer-pamperin-park-pictures-child-one-year-outdoors-lifestyle-photos-1 green-bay-family-photographer-pamperin-park-pictures-child-one-year-outdoors-lifestyle-photos-2Outdoor sessions with kiddos have so much more personality to them. Outdoors there are things to explore, places to run to, games to play, and of course all the natural beauty that is Wisconsin in summer.  Elizabeth turned one in spring, and ever since then she’s been on the move. It was important to us to capture this new milestone for her family, and Pamperin Park in Green Bay was a great location. Elizabeth is playful, fearless, and full of smiles. She teased us by looking away as she laughed and by running full speed after each big smile. This made natural images that show exactly who she is right now (sneaky expressions and all). Happy First Birthday, Elizabeth!

Portraits: family session at green isle park, green bay, wi

Green-Bay-Family-Photographer-Green-Isle-Park-Outdoors-Lifestyle-Vibrant-Natural-Kids-Photos-Outside-Best-1 Green-Bay-Family-Photographer-Green-Isle-Park-Outdoors-Lifestyle-Vibrant-Natural-Kids-Photos-Outside-Best-2Most families wait until summer rolls around to think about family photos, but we adore the variety we can capture with spring sessions. May brings blooming trees, bright green hues, and long beautiful evenings like this one. The {M} Family planned their session in celebration of little Asher turning six months old, but it also made a great opportunity for family photos, portraits of the older kiddos, and a few special mommy/daddy photos with baby number three. There was time spent adventuring into the long grasses, snuggling baby brother, and playing games. Asher is happy and easygoing no matter the situation and he is completely enamored with his big sister. Kendall is smart, funny, and quick to pick up on everything around her, and Trent is playful, sweet, and an absolute ham for the camera. All three did a great job for their session and we had a wonderful evening in the park together!

Portraits: family session at home, seymour wisconsin

Seymour-Green-Bay-Family-Photography-Farm-Photographer-Rustic-Country-Barn-ChildrenOften we get phone calls and emails tentatively asking if we’re willing to travel to homes, cabins, cottages, and other special locations. The answer is always “yes!” because we love exploring new locations and we know photographing at these private spots makes for more personal images.

For Jaime and her family, that special place is their home in Seymour, Wisconsin which sits on acres of sprawling farmland. Here they work and play hard, with their two sons buzzing through the fields on dirt bikes (their dog, Ivan, in tow).  It’s that imaginative, wild, country childhood that I was lucky enough to grow up with as well, and you can tell how much it means to their two sons Nicholas and Hayden. The session was beautiful – soft, evening light, a rustic old barn, and endless fields of evergreens and untamed grasses – everything we could ask for. Thanks for having us {S} Family (and please pass along some ear scratches to Ivan for us!)

Portraits: ryan turns one, green isle park

One_Year_Photos_Green_Isle_Park_Outdoor_Family_PhotosFall in Wisconsin is always a gamble – it could be sunny and 60; it could be 30 with high winds.  We were incredibly lucky to have a beautiful sunshine-filled day for Ryan’s one year session.  He was all smiles an excitement, and although he needed a little break in the middle, he came back 100% happy and ready to play.  It’s a good reminder that the kiddos make the rules and sometimes a little nap and snack is the next thing on the agenda.  I love fall photos, and I especially love days that give us this warm, dreamy light that we got for Ryan’s session.  It has been so special to watch him grow from only a few days old to the walking, running, tough little redhead he is today.  Happy First Birthday, Ryan!

Portraits: the {S} family at pamperin park, green bay



Sometimes I feel like I spend a lot of time explaining why choosing a certain time of day for clients’ sessions is important.  I explain where the light falls, and how it can create a dreamy, golden ambiance; I talk about how much softer and more flattering it is than midday light.  What I should really do is show them a session like this one.

We had perfect “golden hour” light for the {S} Family’s session, and Sarah spent a lot of time coordinating their stylish and contemporary ensembles (which are perfect, by the way!)  Jack kept us entertained throughout the session; he picked up on every little thing we were talking about, made jokes, and kept the session upbeat.  Cameron was the sweetest little boy – always up for mommy hugs (and not minding those big brother squeezes) – he was smiley and content.  Photographing the {S} Family just felt light a sunny afternoon spent chatting at the park. 🙂

Portraits: the {R} family at green isle park, green bay



We had the most perfect golden afternoon for the {R} Family’s session here in Green Bay, WI.  The weather was beautiful, and the kiddos were happy to be there.  Ashley and Mike were very fun and easy to work with; they are patient, intuitive and really get involved in whatever interests their little ones.  Matthew, the big tough five year old, was a little shy at first but quickly opened up to talk about his favorite movie: Planes.  Ellie and Blake, the cute little twinsies, were celebrating their first Birthdays.  Blake has bright blue eyes, big smiles, and a fantastic tuft of orange hair.  Ellie is full of expression; it takes a fraction of a second for a deep scowl to become and intrigued glance, to become the biggest smile you have ever seen.  This family is so full of love and it was a wonderful afternoon spent making memories with them.