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Fall family photos at pamperin park

Family Portraits in Green Bay

Fall is our most popular time of the year for family sessions here in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The leaves are starting to change color, the air feels crisp and clean, and it’s time for cardigans and flannel (the coziest of all fashion choices!) I met with Allison to talk about her session a few weeks beforehand and got to know her two smallest boys, Clark and Jack while they played and snacked. Allison told me she was looking for portraits that would be timeless and fit their minimal, clean style for her home and family. On the session day we got to meet her husband Paul and their two older boys. Everybody was dressed in perfect seasonal layers in blues, creams, and grays that fit with the bright oranges of the fallen leaves. We played with the little boys and teased smiles out of the older ones. At the end of the session, we ended with a giant leaf fight, the perfect reward for some well-behaved little guys. It was a pleasure, Allison and Paul, we wish you and your family the best this holiday season!

Weddings: brittany & tim, green bay community church and riverside ballroom, green bay

Brittany and Tim had a long road leading up to their wedding day. After an incredibly romantic courtship and proposal, they faced medical issues and the loss of loved ones, and we could read in their hearts how much they looked forward to their wedding day as not only a symbol of their love, but also the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Brittany and Tim are deeply caring and always thinking of others, and so it came as no surprise that their wedding was filled wall to wall with friends and family ready to celebrate their wedding day.

After the couple got ready, Brittany had a first look with her grandfather and father-in-law, followed by a prayer circle with her bridesmaids. The ceremony was held at Green Bay Community Church with picture stops at Lambeau Field and Pamperin Park before arriving at their reception at Riverside Ballroom in downtown Green Bay. The entire day was filled with personal touches with every detail planned to match the theme. It was a beautiful day with two wonderful people. Congratulations, Brittany and Tim!

Portraits: elizabeth’s one year session, pamperin park, green bay

green-bay-family-photographer-pamperin-park-pictures-child-one-year-outdoors-lifestyle-photos-1 green-bay-family-photographer-pamperin-park-pictures-child-one-year-outdoors-lifestyle-photos-2Outdoor sessions with kiddos have so much more personality to them. Outdoors there are things to explore, places to run to, games to play, and of course all the natural beauty that is Wisconsin in summer.  Elizabeth turned one in spring, and ever since then she’s been on the move. It was important to us to capture this new milestone for her family, and Pamperin Park in Green Bay was a great location. Elizabeth is playful, fearless, and full of smiles. She teased us by looking away as she laughed and by running full speed after each big smile. This made natural images that show exactly who she is right now (sneaky expressions and all). Happy First Birthday, Elizabeth!

Portraits: caiden turns two, pamperin park

Green-Bay-Photography-Child-Pamperin-Park-Two-FamilyTwo year olds have the ability to do something we, as adults, are always trying to figure out… They know how to live in the moment. Every minute is full of possibility; every new place is an adventure waiting to happen.  That’s what makes two year sessions so fun.

We choose locations that allow for running, exploring and playing, so we can be behind the lens (also running and playing) to capture their expressions. It’s always amazing to me to see their surprise, wonderment, (and sassy smirks!) as I go through the images after the session, because many times they are too fast to see in real time. Portraits like these become a way to push “pause” on this crazy stage of constant moving, and have a little something to hold onto – a way to remember your little two year old even when they’re all grown up.

Portraits: leo’s nine month session

Green_Bay_Photography_Child_Green_Isle_ParkLeo is the happiest baby of all time! He spent the entire length of the session giggling, smiling and flirting with the camera. And if the big, genuine smiles don’t get you, those blue eyes will win you over. The {N} family was such a treat to work with; they are relaxed, loving and joyful, and all of these traits are so clearly present in their baby boy.

The {N} Family won our session giveaway at Sweetpeas Clothier in May and traveled up from Madison for their portraits. We are very glad to have had the opportunity to get to know them and create images for their little family.  Happy first birthday, Leo!


Portraits: sweetpeas clothier summer photoshoot



Each season we do a promotional photoshoot for Sweetpeas – a children’s clothing store in De Pere.  Their selection of clothing and accessories is ever-changing, so there are always new (and oh-so-irresistable) pieces to choose from.  For each promotional shoot, we select models and choose outfits to get everyone ready for the season ahead: in this case, summer!  We did our best to feature outfits that have all-season staples in them (like bright yellow skinny jeans) that can be dressed up for family outings or dressed down for a day at the park.  I can’t help but love “mini adult” clothes too, like the striped henley Maddox is wearing.

Maddox and Sophia both did a great job and looked very cute in everything we put them in. 🙂 Bring on summer; we’re ready!