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Portraits: welcome baby landon, newborn photos

Two years ago in spring Ashley and Jesse were celebrating their engagement surrounded my an orchard of blooming apple trees. Little did they know, just two years later, they would be spending their spring holding onto their brand new baby boy. One of the greatest joys of being a photographer is getting to watch love stories grow like this, from proposals and weddings to bellies and babies. Congratulations on your new arrival, Ashley and Jesse! And happy day of birth, Landon Daniel!

Portraits: elizabeth’s sitting session, green bay, wisconsin

Green-Bay-Infant-Child-6-months-studio-family-photographyElizabeth is the happiest baby. She is always full of giggles and smiles, never nervous to be held by friends and family who love her snuggly nature. Elizabeth was eight months for her sitting session and everyone was unsure how it would go that day because she had missed her nap and just gotten over a sickness. We assured them that we could always reschedule, but decided to give Lizzie a little time to adjust first. In no time, she was back to her happy self – giggling, sticking out her tongue, and flashing the bright smile she inherited from daddy. I love photographing little ones at the sitting stage because of how much personality comes out (it’s also one of the last stages before they become master crawlers, and can sneak away from us!) Can’t wait to watch you grow, Baby Elizabeth!

Portraits: welcome baby charlotte, newborn photos

Green_Bay_Newborn_Baby_Photos_Family_Girl_Studio_CreativeCharlotte Aurora, what a perfect name. Charlotte was just the sweetest little girl for her session. She was sleepy and settled and didn’t mind us posing and wrapping her up. She snuggled into mom and dad for family photos and just opened her eyes now and then (as if she had to check up on us and see what was going on).

Ideal newborn session age is 5-14 days, and Charlotte was perfectly in this window which means she was flexible enough to try out all sorts of poses (including the cute “froggy” pose at the top that I adore). Emily was smart about planning Charlotte’s session this summer so we could prepare to meet their needs and keep space open in our busy October schedule when baby girl was due to arrive.

Emily and Graham are the most relaxed new parents. They fawn over Charlotte, talk to her, and play with her. Together they are attentive without being guarded, and it’s pretty wonderful. Congratulations on your new arrival, Emily and Graham!

Portraits: welcome baby elizabeth

Green_Bay_Newborn_Baby_Photos_Family_Girl_Studio_CuteWe’ve been waiting on little Elizabeth and counting down the days since she was first announced in fall.  Since then there have been maternity pictures, baby showers, and a new home with a nursery decorated just for her.  Baby Elizabeth showed up into a world already in love with her. <3

Elizabeth’s session was so fun for us because at nearly nine pounds she was the perfect sleepy, squishy baby, settling easily into poses. She liked being rocked and snuggled and wrapped up tightly.  All our new babies in spring were boys, so we were excited to start the summer with a baby girl (break out the pink wraps and headbands!) Elizabeth couldn’t have been sweeter, and we can’t wait to see her again!

Portraits: missy and her mentor

Green_Bay_Portrait_Mentor_Family_Mother_Studio_Green_Bay_PhotographyWe all need someone by our side to guide us, inspire us, and challenge us to be our best.  We may not use the word mentor, but that is what it means. Missy called me a month or two ago; she was boarding a plane for a family vacation and had been struck with an idea. She had recently heard that her mentor, Lorraine was planning to retire and move to New Orleans to be with her daughter. It was in this life-changing moment, that she realized (as we often do) how few photos she had of the two of them together. She wanted something substantial to hold on to – a symbol of their relationship.

Lorraine was one of Missy’s instructors in the masters program at UWO. She began every class reading from a novel marked with paperclip bookmarks. Her approach was slow and concentrated, and it tested Missy’s patience. The way Lorraine taught was a lesson in itself, something beyond the subject matter. Lorraine discussed reinventing herself, and creating the life she led with a purpose and Missy was inspired. She describes Lorraine as “a woman grounded in her faith, her marriage, her family.” When Missy came to turning points and moments of great decision, she turned to Lorraine. Through Lorraine Missy could see her ideas as concrete goals with steps that made her feel capable and sure of her decisions. Future life events brought them even closer together.

It’s funny how easy it can be to forget the value of a photograph. All day long we are Instagramming our food and Snapchatting our pedicures (guilty on both counts) and that can make us blind to how much an image can really matter. Earlier this week I stopped in at my grandparents’ house, and casual conversation led to an evening looking through photographs from the mid 1800s forward – portraits of our family. In one image I saw my great-great-great-grandma surrounded by her children, baby on her knee, and all I could think was wow.  Someone so long ago made the decision to gather the family together and have this beautiful image made so that I could hold it in my hands 150 years later. This was done for me. Kind of a powerful thing.

It was my pleasure to be a part of creating an image that would tell the story of Lorraine and Missy, an image that signifies the life-changing events that brought them together, strengthened their bond, and leads them on to what comes next.

Portraits: hazel turns eight months

Green_Bay_Child_Baby_Infant_Studio_Family_Portraits_Photos_WisconsinThere is nothing so fun as a little one who is full of expression!  I love this age, where babies start to play, giggle, and imitate.  One minute Hazel would be very serious, taking in what was going on around her, the next, she would be laughing and smiling (showing us those two tiny teeth).  Somewhere in between there were smirks and scrunchy little stinker faces, and full body shakes of excitement! So many good things, and far too many photos to share on the blog. 😉  Hazel is the spitting image of her mommy, and we love her wild, curly hair and big, blue eyes. She did such a great job for her photo session, and we can’t wait until her one year session fast approaching in June!

Portraits: welcome baby hawthorn

Green_Bay_Newborn_Baby_Photos_Family_StudioThere is something really special about being one of the first people to see a new baby.  Many times we are their first adventure out of the house, and quite often we have the honor of being introduced before many relatives.  Hawthorn was ten days new for his session and was the perfect newborn – sleepy, squishy, and comfortable in any position.  Each time we got him settled, he would slip into a deep sleep and we felt guilty moving onto the next pose.  Hawthorn is baby number two for the {B} Family, and big brother Rowan did a wonderful job during the session as well.  This family is the absolute sweetest, and we’ve been lucky enough to be their photographers on the day they said “I do”, for the beauty of Meagan’s first pregnancy, Rowan celebrating his first Birthday, and now as the welcome baby Hawthorn into the family. So many blessings! Congratulations, Meagan and Adam, on your new arrival!

Branding: headshots for the new year

Green_Bay_Headshots_Professional_Business_PhotosThe new year is a great time to start thinking about your online presence as a professional.  (Nobody wants to hire someone from LinkedIn, whose profile photo was cut from a family Christmas picture.)  Headshots are a great idea for any working professional – whether you are looking to move into a new position, start a business, or just create a professional online presence for yourself.  Clients want to know who they are working with and businesses want to know who they are hiring; a clean, professional image, fitting the industry you work in does a great deal to give a good first impression.

Thinking about what a new headshot could do for you? Email us with questions and we can provide details on our headshot and branding sessions for working professionals and business owners.  Contact us at

Portraits: mara turns four

Green_Bay_Child_Photographer_Studio_Indoor_Portraits_WisconsinWhen this cold winter weather hits (negative 2 for a high today…really?) it’s time to huddle on into the studio for indoor portraits.  For kiddos with winter birthdays, there is no need to hold off for warmer temperatures; we have lots of options for backdrops indoors.

We have been photographing Mara since her first birthday, and we’re always excited to see what she will be wearing for her photo sessions as she has a personal seamstress on call (aka: grandma) to make things just for her.  Mara is full of personality – she told us so many stories while she was here for her session, and with each new outfit she strolled into the studio as though it were a fashion show.  That is Mara, and we love it.  It is so fun to watch kiddos grow and change – to hear all about what their new interests are and feel as though we know them personally.  Happy Fourth Birthday, Mara!