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The new year is the perfect time for a little business revamp, whether you are a business owner, freelance creative, or professional thinking about making a change.  Some of us will be making big changes – rebranding or even selecting a new career path, others will be looking for a way to show themselves in a contemporary light by making changes to dated websites, photos, business cards etc.  Although these changes can be a little daunting, it is also exciting to know how many possibilities they can open up for us.  Change moves us forward and helps us achieve things we may not even know we were hoping for.

Last week we had Addie’s professional headshots.  Addie is the owner of Strawberry Fields Design, a web and graphic design company in Green Bay, WI.  For any women stuck trying to figure out what to wear to show you are both professional and fun, Addie’s stylish ensemble is an excellent choice – choosing something mostly neutral with a pop of color, or fun texture, like the rich metallic of the fabric or her sequin belt.  It is a balancing act between looking conservative and trustworthy and looking creative and fun to represent your branding, and this hits right in the middle.

Anyone looking for unique, professional designs can check out Strawberry Fields Design at their website at .

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