Aiden Turns 9 Months

by | Jul 19, 2011 | Other

Two weeks ago we had the great pleasure of getting a visit from Baby Aiden. We hadn’t seen him since three months, and he has grown so much! Still the relaxed and playful baby from six months ago, his little tongue darts in and out of his mouth as we make him smile. He is such a curious child – wanting to know who everybody is and what everyone is up to. We were lucky enough to capture some of these curious expressions, which are my very favorite! Dawn says Aiden has been working on crawling lately, but for now he can scoot his way to trouble. She told us that she left the room for a minute the other day and when she came back he had scooted his way to the tv and was whipping the cord across the screen. I can just imagine the sassy little smile he gave her when he was caught. Aiden did so well for our photoshoot, putting up with all our poses and never loosing his candid expressions; we’ll be happy to have him back anytime!
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