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by | Jan 27, 2015 | Family, Other

Green_Bay_Family_Newborn_Photographer_Album_ArtNothing makes me happier than seeing our work printed.  I truly cannot describe the joy when pristine photographs and albums arrive at our door ready to be packaged and delivered.  Photographing a session is the start of a story – we get to learn about your family and capture precious memories – but the story is never completely told until there are tangible photographs in your hands.  People connect to physical images in a completely different way than seeing something on screen; images are more beautiful and intimate when they can be touched and handled.  Rather than being stored away on a hard drive or a disc growing dusty in your office drawer, physical images become timepieces for you to pass on.

We have been so trained by social media to imagine discs and digital storage to be the “safe” method, the way of keeping our images that will last. In reality, cds/dvds are predicted to have a 5-10 year life, hard-drives 3-5, and USBs 8-10.  An archival album is expected to have a life of over 100 years.  These are the items passed down for generations  and handed around kitchen tables at family events.  When we got married, our wedding package came with an album, and until I had it in my hands, I had no idea how much I would treasure it.  Only a couple of times have I gone back to look through our wedding photos on the computer, but I am constantly pulling that album from the shelf and reliving my favorite moments.

Since I clearly love albums, I wanted to share a few samples of the two we offer for portrait sessions.  So many people have been asking about what our printing options are for people who are not big fans of wall art, and albums are the perfect choice.  Featured above are our Small Album which is 5×7, 10 pages with a premium leather cover (holds about 10-20 images) and our Premium Album which is 8×8, 20 pages with a premium leather and matte image combo cover.  Both albums are archival, lay-flat albums, with thick satin-luster pages, and no gutter (so images can run across the spread).  Our Premium Album holds about 20-40 images, and comes with a keepsake storage box.

If you are interested in seeing samples in person, or if you have questions about our sessions or albums, feel free to email us at or head over to our “Connect” page.

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