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Ashley and Eric have a really interesting love story that got us a little hooked.  They were both girls basketball coaches at a local high school – her for freshmen and him for JV.  The players knew that Eric had a crush on Ashley so they teased them both about it, and kept trying to convince them to date.  Eventually, the couple planned a dinner, and fell quickly in love.  On the eve of St. Nicholas Day that love became the forever kind, and Eric asked Ashley to marry him.

We love getting to be a part of documenting these love stories, and for Ashley and Eric, this was particularly fun.  Sports was what brought them together, and we wanted to honor that in their engagement photos.  They both love the Packers, so we did some of their photos at Lambeau Field to show their playfulness and the competitive spirit that keeps the fun alive in their relationship.  We also ventured out to a nature preserve for some photos that show the sweetness between the two of them.  There we got an introduction to their oh-so-cute dog, Dash, and had a great afternoon climbing through fields and hiking trails, documenting their one-of-a-kind romance.  Congratulations, Ashley and Eric!

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