Backyard Covid Wedding Along the Fox River, De Pere

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Backyard Covid wedding 2020
backyard wedding, de Pere, along fox river photography
Covid 2020 wedding, Green Bay
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Paul and Terri’s wedding was one of those early covid weddings that required some fast thinking and a few alterations to make it work. They held the wedding outside their newly built home along the Fox River in De Pere in a beautiful white tent, with only their closest family — children, siblings, nieces, and nephews.

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Holding an early covid wedding meant masks and hand sanitizer; it meant social distancing and an event held entirely outdoors. It meant guest lists were carved out smaller and big celebrations were postponed, and sometimes it even meant having a wedding without one of your most important people present.

It’s strange to look back nearly 2.5 years to what it was like as spring turned to summer in 2020, but if you remember, retirement homes didn’t allow visitors. In order to keep the immunocompromised residents safe, nobody was going in or out unless it was an absolute necessity. This meant that Terri’s mom couldn’t make it to her ceremony. And where wedding photography would normally begin with a beautiful gown hanging in a window or shoes laid out with rings and invitations, Terri and Paul’s wedding started with a window visit and a phone call to let her mom see her in her wedding dress.

Covid 2020 Small Wedding

Even as I took those photos I knew how important they were. I knew this memory was important for them, and I also knew it was part of a big picture of people all over the world missing the ones they loved…bits of their lives moving forward through these big milestones but in this strange space with all new rules.

After this important visit, Terri and Paul returned home where their friends tended bar and everyone gathered around for the backyard ceremony. As the ceremony wrapped up and guests helped themselves to food, Paul and Terri took me down to the Fox River where the views of the water were stunning. Their entire neighborhood works together to landscape the space and we could not have had a more beautiful area to photograph their portraits together.

Intimate Backyard Fox River Wedding

The afternoon wrapped up with live acoustic music and everyone enjoying the warm summer sun and seeing the faces of people they had been missing so dearly.

Terri and Paul held a renewal ceremony and reception just over a year later where they were able to celebrate with family and friends at Botanical Gardens, and Terri’s mom was happy to be in attendance.

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