{ Candis + Joe = ENGAGED! }

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We had such a wonderful time photographing Candis and Joe’s engagement photos on the family farm. To find the perfect jobs the couple has become city-dwellers many miles from both of their families, but spending the day walking through soybeans, corn, and an abandoned granary, it was evident that the relaxed mood of the country still remains in their hearts.

As a couple Candis and Joe are so cute.  They are gentle with each other in words and actions, playful, and easygoing.  Many times as we posed them facing each other, Joe would say to her, “You’re so beautiful,” and Candis would give him that sweet look humble women give when faced with sincere compliments.  It felt very special to document who they are, what they love, and what brought them together.  We can’t wait to see you both on your big day!

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