{ Candis + Joe = MARRIED ! }

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We love weddings that manage to blend together different themes into one beautiful wedding day – such was the case for Candis and Joe.  The ceremony itself was lovely and traditional, with all the Catholic reverence and pageantry brought together by a incredible pastor who knew the couple well and spoke about them personally.  The details were a bright magenta (the pure essence of summer!) with burlap and natural wood accents to keep it grounded.  Candis carried down a bouquet wrapped in her grandmother’s necklace and Joe’s mother got a few moments alone with her son to pin on his corsage.

This is the way it is with Candis and Joe… they are the couple who would never get lost in all the “to-dos” and “should-dos” but rather know how to keep that exact focus on what is important: their family and the vows that would make them a family.  I can’t explain what a beautiful feeling it is to watch two people who are so right for each other and bring out the very best in one other join their lives together.  It reminds me of what a blessing our job is.  Congratulations, Candis and Joe!

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