Door County Senior Photos with Wildflowers, Beach, and Sunset

by | Mar 16, 2023 | Seniors

Door County wildflowers senior photos
Murphy Park Senior Photos, Door County
Door County Sunset Photos

When I was a high school senior growing up in Door County there were two photographers to choose from. And when senior photo season rolled around, all my classmates would choose between those two photographers at the same location with the same props. As the yearbook photos were submitted and we passed the yearbooks around for signing, you would see the same 4 looks in the seniors section: on their belly in a hammock, sitting on the rocks by the water, leaning on a faux grecian column, or displaying an instrument or sport ball. That was it.

Door County Senior Photographers

When I first became a photographer I dreaded photographing high school seniors because this is how I thought it had to be. I figured, this is what everyone is doing, this is what these pictures have to be like — the same old cookie-cutter version of what was done in 2005. And I hated that. I hated it for a few reasons: the first reason is, it’s boring. I came from a fine arts background; I love creativity and exploration, so the idea of taking the same photo over and over again with only the subject changing? Torture. The second reason is that all these students are not the same person, so it’s absurd to think they should look the same in photos.

Senior Portraits, Door County

It took a lot of years to find a way to break down all this “senior photo baggage” and find a way to make senior portraits my own way, with my own voice and style. Now that we’re here, it’s a style build on warm light, natural poses, vibrant color, and editorial looks. But most importantly, it’s a style that emphasizes uniqueness. This means we don’t have a list of the five locations you can choose from and we don’t have distance limits you need to stay within. We can travel to your grandparents barn, or a greenhouse your teacher runs, or your favorite walking trail from when you were a kid. Or in Gaby’s case, to her parent’s wildflower field in Door County.

Sunset Beach Photos, Door County

Gaby had a vision for her session to be earthy and effortless and that’s exactly the look we went for with summery wildflower photos at her family’s home, then relaxed beach photos along the boardwalk and in the sand, leading into sunset photos on the break-wall at Murphy Park Beach in Egg Harbor. We love exploring new locations and getting the creative energy of a new space! And we love all the seniors like Gaby who make it possible to do what we love the way we love to do it!

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