Dustin’s Police Headshots

by | Aug 23, 2012 | Other

One of the things I love best about being a photographer is the variety my job offers.  One day I can be rearranging a sleeping baby who is only five days old, and the next I can have a man in uniform looking for professional portraits.  Dustin is someone who has found his calling in his career.  He has a passion for justice and truly loves what he does for a living.  Many of the larger police departments don’t offer headshots like they do in small towns; Dustin asked us if this is something we do.  It was a wonderful way for him to have enduring photographs that capture the pride he takes in his job.  My very favorite shot is the black and white close-up with his chin resting on his fist.  I love that it is so timeless – it could have been taken back in the forties or it could have been taken two weeks ago.  Photography has this power to transcend time, and it was wonderful to have an opportunity to explore this with Dustin and create something his children and grandchildren will look back on in the future.

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