Engagements: dana & lucas, de pere nature preserve

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Engagement

fall-engagement-photos-green-bay-de-pere-nature-preserve-rainbow-rain-wedding-photographer-october-session-1 fall-engagement-photos-green-bay-de-pere-nature-preserve-rainbow-rain-wedding-photographer-october-session-2When the forecast says rain, we usually move our sessions to a new date, but in the rare instance that a couple decides to stick it out (umbrellas in hand), we are often rewarded with something special. This time it was a double rainbow.

Dana and Lucas’s engagement session had every kind of weather we could imagine. It started out gray and cloudy, then the wind picked up and rain followed. As it was coming down hard, the sun peeked out across the field and a double rainbow crossed over our heads. Eventually the rain stopped and the rainbow faded, but the sun decided to stick around. The crazy weather left us with bright, glossy color, and warm, glowing light. It was a gift we were very happy to receive.

We have worked with Dana and Lucas before on their couple’s session last spring, and on Dana’s sister’s wedding last summer, which made this session even more relaxed. We were happy to try a new season and make some special images for the two of them as they prepare for their 2017 wedding.

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