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Grandparents want photos. Scratch that. Grandparents want time with their families and photos. Maria figured out the perfect gift for her mother and stepfather, and it was a combination of those two things, and to me it feels like it’s the ultimate hack for anyone whose parents answer “nothing” when asked what they want for a holiday.

Extended Family Photos, Green Bay

Maria contacted me saying they were deciding how to celebrate her mom’s 60th birthday and after talking about whether it should be a party, a gift, or something else, the siblings had decided to schedule family photos for the entire blended family, both Peggie and Tom and each of their kids and grandkids. Then, after photos wrapped up, they would spend the afternoon having a picnic and going boating together from the family’s home in Suamico. THIS is exactly what grandparents want.

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We met with them on that day, all dressed up in their 4th of July best, and started with the big group so that the whole family got included before little ones tired out or got nervous. Then after the whole family we did Peggie and her kids, Tom and his kids, all the grandkids and grandparents together, and each individual family and sibling group. The entire session was filled with big play to get the kiddos to smile with their real expressions (and to tease real smiles from the grown ups too).

Birthday or Anniversary Gift Family Photos

It makes us so happy to know that an important session like this one will be the photos that get admired on someone’s wall every day, each smiling face a memory of what it was like to be in this family at this age and stage, and what a wonderful day they had celebrating Peggie’s birthday.

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