Portraits: the {R} family at green isle park, green bay

by | Sep 5, 2014 | Family



We had the most perfect golden afternoon for the {R} Family’s session here in Green Bay, WI.  The weather was beautiful, and the kiddos were happy to be there.  Ashley and Mike were very fun and easy to work with; they are patient, intuitive and really get involved in whatever interests their little ones.  Matthew, the big tough five year old, was a little shy at first but quickly opened up to talk about his favorite movie: Planes.  Ellie and Blake, the cute little twinsies, were celebrating their first Birthdays.  Blake has bright blue eyes, big smiles, and a fantastic tuft of orange hair.  Ellie is full of expression; it takes a fraction of a second for a deep scowl to become and intrigued glance, to become the biggest smile you have ever seen.  This family is so full of love and it was a wonderful afternoon spent making memories with them.

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