Gabe Turns One Year!

by | Aug 1, 2012 | Other

Three days after getting to see his baby sister for her three month photos, we met Gabe at the park for his one year photos.  Their family had spent part of the afternoon there and Gabe was enjoying himself on the playground with his favorite activity of all time: climbing.  We interrupted him from his play for a few shots on the equipment before taking a little trek throughout the rest of the park.  He wasn’t thrilled about leaving the playground at first, but when he realized we had stools, chairs and crates to climb on (not to mention, his favorite climbing apparatus, daddy) he was as content as ever.

When we did Gabe’s newborn photos a year ago, I was so amazed at all the fight that little baby had.  He was a week old and was trying to lift his head – all the while his arms and legs were going every which way.  It it always funny to me how many things stay the same as we grow, and that tough little baby has grown into a rough-and-tumble little tot.  We love getting to see these transitions.

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