Green Bay Botanical Gardens Senior Photos

by | Oct 22, 2020 | Seniors

Green Bay Senior Photographer High School Senior PhotosWe love when families of high school seniors return! We get to find out what they’ve been up to in their new [grown-up] lives and meet the younger sibling whose turn it is to step into the spotlight. After photographing Ethan, it was Cara’s turn!

Green Bay Senior Photographer

Cara is a fashion lover like myself, so planning her session was extra fun for me! We always discuss clothing during our consults and oftentimes seniors send me pictures of their wardrobe options with questions or seeking feedback. It’s the best. Cara chose a wide range of clothing from casual denim to a blue floral wrap dress (my favorite!)

Green Bay Botanical Gardens

We decided to do the entire session at Green Bay Botanical Gardens because of the great variety it offers — woods, brick, flowers, fountain — it’s got it all! Midway through the session, the clouds grew heavy and we ducked into shelter just in time for rain to fall. Luckily for us it was light and brief and we were able to step back out into a garden made even more vibrant by the rainfall. (I love when things work out like that!)

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