Green Bay Botanical Gardens Senior Session, Green Bay

by | Mar 16, 2023 | Seniors

Green Bay Botanical Gardens Senior Photos
Green Bay High School Senior Photographers

Annika was one of those high school seniors who knew exactly where she wanted her session. Oftentimes we are meeting with seniors who aren’t settled on a location or a mood for their photos; we talk them through options, suss out the vibe they’re going for, then share some past session images from Green Bay or Door County senior photo locations we think might match their vision. But for Annika, the vision was clear. She knew she wanted photos during golden hour at Green Bay Botanical Gardens.

Green Bay Botanical Gardens Senior Photos

We’re preferred photographers at Green Bay Botanical Gardens and love photographing there! If a senior has any inclination to have bright, colorful photos or garden-oriented photos, it’s an amazing option simply because of the diversity. With just a little walking we can be near trees and benches, a water fountain, brick and vines, into a forest, or in the middle of a wild tangle of roses and peonies. It’s pretty magical.

Green Bay High School Senior Photographers

All this diversity in the landscape also means that our sessions can look completely different from one season to another (apple blossoms, tulips, and lilacs in spring, hydrangeas and roses in summer, fall color and vines in autumn) and from each session to the next. There is so much to explore that it can match with someone who likes a traditional garden look, or someone who likes wild pops of color, even someone who likes a spooky woods vibe. We love a location with that much range!

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