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by | Jan 7, 2022 | Vendor Spotlight

groomsman gift weddingBen is hard to shop for. He’s super practical and (let’s face it) a little bougie. So the gifts he wants are things like accessories for his espresso machine, vouchers for car detailing, and everything technology related. Shopping for him means steering clear of traditionally sentimental gifts, which had me thinking about wedding party gifts.

Nontraditional Groomsman Gifts

Weddings are where tradition and sentiment come to shine, so it’s no shocker that for Ben the usual gifts handed out to groomsmen are unappealing and guaranteed to gather dust in a bottom drawer. We are gifting items to our friends to thank them for participating in our wedding day, but oftentimes these gifts are not things our friends would/could use on a regular basis, and, dare I say, likely not even things they would enjoy.

When Joe contacted me about the new line of gifts his company developed for this very reason, I was intrigued by the fact that they were genuinely useful including wallets, knives, and grilling accessories. I called Ben over and shared the site with him and this canvas duffle immediately caught his eye.

Practical Groomsman Gifts

Joe sent us a bag to test out and although we haven’t been traveling due to Covid, we packed it up and took it along for an out of town trip to the apple orchard. The bag was rugged, easy to search through (lots of outer pockets), and just fit the whole vibe of the day. It would be perfect for a weekend, or even a week away. If you’re interested in seeing the details on this bag and others, you can check them out HERE. View the whole site and everything they have to offer HERE.

Just another way to remind you that you get to do your wedding your way. Traditional gifts, nontraditional gifts, no gifts, no bridal party at all? We’ve never been big on rules anyway. 😉

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