{ Jessie + Jerry = ENGAGED! }

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Jessie and Jerry are highschool sweethearts – they are the couple who saw life’s challenges and changes only as a way to strengthen their relationship.  Meeting them, you would have no idea that they have been dating for seven years; you would assume they met a few months ago and were just at the beginning of a new romance.  For Jessie and Jerry we wanted to create photos that showed this sweetness and gentleness of their relationship.  We started off at Lambeau Field which is where they had their very first “official date”: a Packer game at age 15.  (A cute little side-note: both of their mothers were along for that date!) 😉  After Lambeau we had a little playtime with their adorable and energetic puppies Bruce and Leroy, then moved on to some classic autumn romance pictures.  Fall is our favorite time of year and it was such a pleasure to be out with Jessie and Jerry celebrating crunchy leaves, cute boots, and of course, the engagement of two wonderful people!

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