Jonathon Turns Six Months!

by | Sep 13, 2012 | Other

We love getting visits from baby Jonathon.  From day one (as mommy will vouch) he has been the most relaxed, cuddly, and fun-loving little one you can imagine.  He’s the baby that sitters dream of and mothers-to-be pray for.  Jonathon has his daddy’s smile and every bit of his mommy’s sweetness, and he spent his entire six month photoshoot showing both of them off. 🙂  It’s crazy to think that only six months ago he was a tiny sleeping baby, and now he’s sitting up tall all by himself and looking way too much like a little man.  We are looking forward to watching Jonathon continue to grow and charm everyone he meets with those big baby blues.

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  1. JessEverard

    What a happy little guy with stunning blue eyes! 🙂

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