Judi and Bob Celebrate 50 Years!

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We pride ourselves on telling love stories in a completely new way.  All too often people assume that the wedding day is the landing point – the peak of the love story – but we disagree.  The wedding may be the big, bold beginning, but it is often followed by the birth of beautiful children, and a whole new kind of love story begins with a family.  Vow renewals and anniversaries are events that honor the wedding day, but they also celebrate everything that has since happened: the tough times that couples can never prepare for, the bittersweet times, and the many problems they solved as a team, and obstacles that brought them closer together.

Judi and Bob are celebrating their 50th anniversary, with their son and two young grandsons.  50 years ago on a chilly and wet October they were married at Pamperin Park and had a timeless photo taken in front of a warm fireplace showing them young and in love.  Today, we had the honor of photographing them 50 years wiser and with all the added love and understanding that 50 years can bring.  Congratulations, Judi and Bob!

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