Kirsten Turns One Year!

by | Dec 28, 2011 | Other

Kirsten is one of our favorite little girls, and we have had the pleasure of seeing her every three months since she was just an itty bitty sleeping infant. Kirsten has an irresistible sweetness about her that makes her lovable from the moment you meet her. She is naturally curious and completely beautiful; a blessing in every sense of the word. Last week we got to celebrate Kirsten’s first birthday, complete with cake, balloons, and of course, the cutest outfits in every shade of pink. The cake was the most fun part; never have we seen a little girl get so excited for sugar! There was nothing tentative about how Kirsten tasted her birthday treat. She started off with a few fingers, then handfuls of frosting, and by the end of it she had peeled the whole cake off the plate and was enjoying it with both hands. We ended the photoshoot with a pink and purple little girl, who, if possible, was even sweeter than when we started.
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