Kirsten Turns Two!

by | Dec 31, 2012 | Other

I can’t explain how special it is for us when little ones we’ve seen since only a few days after birth return to us years, that’s right years, later.  We’ve had the pleasure of photographing Kirsten five times in her first year of life, and now, walking, talking, and with a fully developed personality we get to see her again.  Kirsten was always a precious baby, and she has grown into a very beautiful little girl.  No one can help but smile when she bursts out with laughter, and no one could possibly say no to those deep greenish-blue eyes.  Kirsten is spirited, with so many different expressions that I was constantly capturing her in beautiful, natural poses of her own devising.  I love this because it allows me to show her just as she is, full of fire and personality.  Happy 2nd Birthday, Kirsten!

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  1. Kirstens mommy

    Love how they turned out! You really captured her eyes and all of her expressions!

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