Maddox Turns 11 Months!

by | Jun 26, 2012 | Other

We always love getting to meet new families and new little ones.  This was our first photoshoot with Maddox, and he was such a sweetheart.  He came in dressed like a little man in his yellow button-down.  He was shy and nervous at first, being somewhere new with strangers, but by the end of the photoshoot he was exploring everything, playing with all our props and even crawling up into my lap to find the sparkly ball he knew I was hiding.  Smart little guy!  Maddox’s mom says he is a rough-and-tumble boy, spending lots of time trying to keep up with his tough, older cousins, and proving himself every time.  He was nothing but smiles and curiosity, and we loved getting to be a part of his first year.

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