New Baby Owen + the :K: Family

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Baby Owen came into this world on April 2nd to the strongest and most loving family I can imagine.  Cassie and Kevin were hoping for a baby from the day they were married a little over a year ago, so much so that even Cassie’s dad was calling each week to see if there was a grandchild in his future.  Cassie and Kevin found their little miracle when Cassie became pregnant with Owen… but this blessing came with complications.  While in the womb, Owen was diagnosed with Type 2 Tricuspid Atresia (a congenital heart defect that will require many surgeries while Owen is just an infant).  Meeting Cassie and Kevin you would never know all that they’ve faced.  They are both so optimistic, so obviously in love, and have built their world around this family.  Owen is a brave little man – a fighter.  He’s the kind of baby who wins you over right away, with his tuft of fluffy, hazel hair and bright blue eyes that were a gift from his mommy.  We loved getting the opportunity to meet baby Owen and to be a part of telling their story.  Many blessings K family!

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  1. Lyla Goerl

    These photos not only are beautiful, but they capture the love this family has for each other!! Such beautiful photos!!!

  2. Rosemary K.

    These photos are awesome! How creative! Owen is such an adorable little baby! I love his cute little “social smile”. It’s hard to believe that he has had to fight for his life, after his first open-heart surgery, and he has another surgery to face within the next month, with a third surgery by the time that he is two-years old! What a brave little fighter!! God is surely watching over Owen and his parents, Kevin and Cassie!!

  3. strawberry

    Owen is such a Cutie Pie! Love his totally unmanageable hair…I do believe there is a touch of red in it Cassie 🙂

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