New Baby Trenton + the {M} Family!

by | Jan 8, 2013 | Other

There is nothing more precious than a newborn baby.  Only days old, they are a reminder of new beginnings and a way to help us remember what is truly valuable in our world.  Even as a part of our daily work, each time we get to meet a new baby, it is a celebration of life.  Trenton is just as tiny as can be, and even though we tested his resolve posing and reposing him, he was as quiet as a mouse – no crying or whimpers from tough, little Trenton.  We photographed the whole family, getting to show the love between mom and baby, and dad and baby, not to mention the new found excitement as big sister, Kendall, got to know her baby brother.  Kendall was so attentive throughout our shoot, leaning into the baby basket for hugs and kisses whenever she could, and asking about Trenton whenever he couldn’t be seen.  So much love for this new baby.  🙂  Congratulations, {M} Family!

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