November Golden Hour Senior Photos, Fonferek Glen, Green Bay

by | Feb 13, 2023 | Seniors

Green Bay Senior Photographer
Green Bay Fall senior photos at Fonferek Glen

As the autumn colors turn to brown and the happy October leaves spiral to the ground, we often have high school seniors who worry over what will be left for their November sessions in Green Bay.

Green Bay Senior Photographer

In truth, November isn’t everyone’s top choice. Generally November is mostly filled with families who got on the calendar late and spilled over from early fall and I can understand why they would be worried. But actually (if you’re not afraid of a little cold) November has a lot to offer! As the sun sets earlier in the afternoon, we get a warmer golden hour light that’s so much more powerful than summer. The leaves have mostly gone, but the ones that remain are at their absolute peak here in Northeast Wisconsin until the moment they fall to the ground.

Fonferek Glen Waterfalls Senior Photos

And, speaking of ground, there is leaf cover everywhere! People who plan their sessions for early October are thinking about the bright colors on the tree, but they might forget that also means green grass below and no leaves to be found. Leaves on the ground can be a beautiful addition to sitting poses or even fun for playful candids.

My final favorite thing about November sessions is the warm neutrals we get in the fields, especially at a location like Fonferek Glen in Green Bay. Fonferek has such rich, tall fields all year long, but from November through early spring the tall reeds are a warm tan color that shows beautifully against skin. It’s a great reason to step out of the usual senior season for your session.

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